feeler: KH 29er

Alright, i have a KH29 in practically new condition.

It is one of the newer ones with the Double holed cranks and everything. It has the nevegal tire, which i personally love.

I love it to death, and really want to hold onto it. But i need the money for rent.

anyone interested?
make an offer.

am i being realistic if i dont want anything less that 500 for it? it is practically new, i will take pics if people want them.

please do post pictures. I have a team mate that is very interested :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think you’re being realistic about that price. I paid $50 less than that, delivered to my door, a couple months ago from AE, for the exact same uni. Like cars (which drop a huge chunk of their retail value as soon as you buy them), unis and bikes tend to lose some value quickly. I’d bet you could get $425 pretty easily, though.

BTW, I’m not interested in buying it, so I’m not trying to talk you into anything. Personally, I’d find another way to get cash for rent–I suspect you’ll regret selling more than you probably think.

Picture please :slight_smile:

my teammate is no longer interested…he’s moved on to looking for a new trials cycle :slight_smile: