[Feeler] KH '07 Trials

Basically, I’ve had this trials uni for a year and a half or so, but I have never used it to anywhere near it’s full capacity.

I barely got into trials before I decided it isn’t the discipline for me.

So this thread is more to ask you, the community, what a good ballpark asking price would be if I decide to sell it.

I was looking to perhaps trade for a muni, but I’m not sure what an equivalent trade would be.

I don’t have any pictures handy of my KH at the moment (I’ll try to get some up tomorrow), but it’s in good shape. Despite being a year and a half old, the Creepy Crawler tire still has 75% or so tread left, and it should be in nearly perfect condition otherwise except for some scratches on the right fork.

Thanks in advance!

here are some pictures i said i’d get up: