FEELER: K-1 Trials wheelset

Hello! I got 3 Trials wheelset, and I though I could get rid of one so I can get some money. But, depending on the price I might get I will decide if i’m selling it or not. Anyway, I used it for a little over a year, and it’s been collecting dust for over a year also, so all the parts are a least 2 years old but still in good condition. So, it’s a Koxx-one Devil wheel, Reinforced ISIS hub, Black Try-all light rim with eyelets and silver Koxx-one spokes(drawed black is a marker). It DOESN’T come with Tire, tube, rim tape, pedals and cranks(I could sell them with if you want them but they are a little bent). Anyway, here it is, if you have any question or if you are interested PM me or email me at jaco_flans@hotmail.com. Make me an offer:)

It’s a little rusty now but I’ll clean it.

Pics please… I may be somewhat interested.

By the way, how bent are those cranks? Would it be something I was aware of constantly, or is it hardly noticeable? What would you consider a decent offer with the cranks? How about without them?

Quaxer… PM’ed!


It’s Sold!:smiley: