[Feeler] Interest level in BC plates and ultimate wheel brackets?

I’ve recently come across the ability to manufacture decent BC wheel plates and Ultimate wheel pedal brackets. Just wanted to find out what the interest level would be in these, to see if i can make a little bit of rent/tuition off of it, and maybe get some design input.

I’d probably be modifying (slightly) the evan byrne design plates, with the possibility of making my own take on them as well.

Anyways, waned to get a read on interest to see if i should start taking orders or not, and to see if anyone had any bright BC plate ideas they’d like to see.

UW brackets would be good, I like the simplicity of the George Barnes model and once the current municycle.com stock runs out there will be nothing available to make your own wheel without messy cranks and steel plates.

Edit: remember there are already manufacturers of BC plates, but not UW brackets…

figured that was the case. I still have a secret UW project on the drawing table that i want to try out, so i’ll work on that and refine the technique for the brackets, and i’m willing to still work on BC plates.
I really liked the older Byrne plates and i still have a pair on my BC. I was thinking along similar lines as those.

if you would be willing to ship internationally i would be interested.

I’ll give you a PM when i have the design finalized and prototyped.

I would probably be interested in UW brackets.

I have a pair of the Byrne plates and can say that they are a good sturdy and easy to make design, I only wish that they sat a tad lower since I can’t easily get my boots between the plate and the bolt.

What is it’s current update?

I’m down.