[feeler]full custom KH unicycle

Hey everybody,
I’m going to come right out and say that i am not 100% sure about this sale yet.
I’m just testing the waters and want to see where the interests ly (bad spelling :/) and how much i could get for it possibly and where id have to deliver to or ship to…
so what im proposing selling is my custom KH trials unicycle.
specs are as follows:

1)kh freeride saddle poorly modded, scuffed with no back bumper and chewed up screws electrical tape. AND/OR custom miyata CF saddle. very light and thin, extremely nice for trials

2)KH 2004 steel seatpost - strong, kinda scuffed, cut down

  1. KH seatpost, red

4)KH 20" 2008(maybe 2009) frame powder coated red w/bedford emblem sticker

5)nimbus blizzard tire (white) 19" x 2.5 almost no wear (bad spelling :/) and kinda dirty AND/OR try-all stiky tire 19" x 2.5…black, tread starting to wear in one spot (about 1/3 way worn)

6)KH 2008/9? wheel set (drilled 19" rim/ w blue rimtape, black KH spokes, all straight, some have some scratches doh, and KH black moment hub, 2008/9?)

  1. kh 125mm moment cranks, right one very scuffed on the one side and one of them is drilled (i can drill the other if you really want) AND/OR K1 light cranks 140mm, one side of right crank kinda scuffed but not much

  2. animal plastic green pedals? kinda see through…pretty nice, right one is a really worn from pedal grabs. fairly light…i’d guess about 450g? AND/OR echo tr silver pedals. pins removed from one side of rigt pedal to avoid cracking of pins and body during grinds and grabs.

think thaat sums it up…
obviously the price will depend on the items you choose. it is truely custom. let me know…i’d like to keep it in canada but if it feels right i might make an exception. i might also add other parts for sale separately to this thread as well. f your down say you are here n inbox me :slight_smile: buyer pays shipping…

thanks for understanding guys and girls


I’m from kitchener ON. I’m kinda interested in just the miyata CF seat. how much would you let that go for?




hello guys…
check your inbox pms :slight_smile: im pm’ing both a yuh :slight_smile:
@shippy—pics will be up after i finish work tonight

any pics yet?