Feeler- DX and Nimbus BC

I have a 2008 Torker DX in mostly good condition, I bought if for around 270 and will let it go for at least 150. I also have an almost brand new Nimbus BC, only thing about it is scratch marks on top of the plates. I rode it 2 or 3 times. I dont know what to toss that out there for, give me an offer

Pics if anyone wants them

i would like to see pics

The plates have dirt on them, but you can see where I scratched into them when I was making the design on the griptape. Ill go 60$ with this. Perfect tire, perfect wheel.

There is marker on the rim I will get rid of if anyone is going to buy it. Its scratched in alot of places, but perfect wheel/cranks/seat/frame.

Hmmm… I’d be interested in the BC… not so much the DX… Why are you selling your unicycles man? you shouldn’t get rid of them… you might regret it later… I wish I had $60 maybe after NAUCC or sometime this summer… can I get it on hold :wink: hahaha

BC sold. DX is still out there.

ugh! i wanted the BC!

and I have a DX of my OWN that i’m trying to get rid of…

i’m definitely interested in the dx, is it still out there? got any more pics??

yeah i can have more pics tomorrow

I’m interested in the DX, where are you shipping it from?