Feeler - Dartmoor Muni Weekend 2007 - who's interested?

i should be able to come down for this. what are peoples accomodation plans? bunkhouse or campsite.


Definitely the campsite… cheaper, and I get to blow people up with my camping stove of doom!

campsite it is then. i look forward to the pyrotechnic display.

uhm that weekend might be tough for me - moving into my flat in bristol on the 20th of july. But then again theres no reason for me to move in that early, so could just go straight there dump my stuff and get to the muni weekend.

However i cant really get there that easily (parents are all moving to cambridge in two weeks) so can’t really get there that easily.

Is anyone leaving from exeter or plymouth or any city i can get a train to from bristol? Unless i can get a bus, but well its dartmoor :smiley:

i’d only be on my 20" trials so i’d have to be in some kinda slow/begginer group (probably both :P)

It’s the Killer Stove of DOOM!

Killer Stove.jpg

So it looks like there’ll be a few of us then. Just got to hope for some decent weather this year - it really is very pleasant here when it stops raining :slight_smile:

Gavin: Yes, bring the 29er if you can - it’ll be good on the easier bits of trail. Pretty much all of it is 29er-able if you’re careful, but the muni would be easier in the rocky stuff. If you can only bring one, I’d say bring whatever you’re most comfortable with - if you can bring both then do it (and the Schlumpf so we can all play with it ;))

Brendan: If you want to come and you’re stuck for a lift I don’t mind picking you up from Ivybridge on Friday. But hopefully somebody will be passing that way with some car space.


I might come along, but nothing definate yet as I don’t drive, don’t have a muni uni and might not be able to get the weekend off.

I might come along, but nothing definate yet as I don’t drive, don’t have a muni uni and might not be able to get the weekend off.

Nothing to do with muni, but if you’re moving to Bristol then you’ll doubtless be looking for something to do on Wednesday evenings:

Same weekend as denton hockey… :frowning:

I’m lurking here - I’m hoping to come but can’t be sure yet. It was lots of fun last time! I’ll need to work out getting down there by train/lift too, but I’ll think about that later :slight_smile:


I’m planning on going, and we know there’s room in my car for both your gear and mine, I would be happy to give you a lift from wherever is the easiest. Worcester? Hereford? maybe even Bristol or Newport.

Bump - getting close now.

As you’ve probably guessed, the rivers are pretty high because of the ridiculous amount of rain in the last few weeks. It’s not looking good for being able to cross the stepping stones I’m afraid :frowning:
The bogs are even more boggy than normal as well…

Don’t be put off though - there are plenty of routes that are gravelly and doable in any conditions. I’ll probably reuse a couple of the routes from last year (with a bit of variation where possible) if that’s OK with people (they’re good routes anyway) and throw in a couple of completely different ones that avoid the worst of the bogs and deep rivers. On the plus side, everything is nice and green and the extra water in the streams does look nice :slight_smile:

The probable rides are (in no particular order, depending on weather, who turns up and how we feel):

  1. Out past South Hessary Tor, over the moor and down past the old mines to Sheepstor and Burrator Reservoir, over the dam (quite spectacular now with all the water overflowing) then back up the old Princetown railway line. For those who came last year, this is pretty much the route of the Sunday ride. It gets us right out on the moor and is a good scenic ride but avoids the most technical sections. This route should be suitable for all the people who’ve said they’re coming to be able to ride pretty much all of it. There’s plenty of scope for messing about on the way (fords, little side tracks, quarries etc) so faster riders can play around and let the slower ones catch up if necessary.

  2. South Hessary Tor, down the Crazywell Pool track to Burrator Reservoir, then back either via the railway (taking in all the interesting extra steep bits to add some variety :sunglasses: ) or round Sheeps Tor and up the reverse of the ride above back to Princetown (it’s much harder that way, quite a nasty climb up to the mines - but that’s the route I did last year and it’d be nice to vary it). This takes in the really good but much more technical descent to the reservoir (plus all the steep climbs) so may not be suitable for everybody.

  3. Past Batchelor’s Hall and out on a different track south of Princetown, possibly crossing to Whiteworks and back to South Hessary Tor. This is very remote and a bit bog-prone at the end (actually that’s a bit of an understatement… it passes the edge of the Fox Tor Mire, which can be notoriously dangerous - it was apparently the inspiration for the Grimpen Mire in the Hound of the Baskervilles). An interesting ride, and should be doable by all, but I won’t do it if the bog has spread too much and become too dangerous - I’ll go down and check it out near the weekend. If it’s too wet I’ll try to think of an alternative route back, because the first part is still nice. We could even go out as far as the first boggy river and turn back.

  4. A short tour of the old quarry workings and circuit of King’s Tor. This is an easy ride suitable for beginners - I’ll probably send anybody who doesn’t want to do the more technical Crazywell Pool ride down that way (hopefully with a guide, but it’s very easy to follow), with a possibilty to ride all the way down the easy part of the railway line route to meet the other group (who should be on their way back up by then if we time it right and the fast group goes nice and fast :)), then retrace the route back with the rest of us, doing as many of the side detours as they feel like. This is also the likely route of a night ride if we do one - nothing nasty to catch people out, in fact I ride to work that way in all weathers and all seasons, and no traffic. Bring your lights if you fancy a bit of night riding.

  5. Various tracks in and around Bellever Forest. Most of these are easy fireroads and a few short bits of singletrack. This is all suitable for complete muni beginners and is at the start of route 6 below if we use it.

  6. Bellever Forest, Laughter Hole, Dart rivers, Hexworthy and Brimpts Farm. This is a long and tiring route with lots of climbing and some quite technical sections, but includes some excellent riding and no less than five river crossings on stepping stones. Unfortunately I fear the rivers are going to be too high to use this route safely AGAIN. Grrr :angry:

  7. Haldon Forest mountain bike trails. Woody singletrack. There are red and black routes and easier routes for beginners. A nice change from the open trails of the high moorland, and worth arranging a visit there at the end of the weekend on people’s way home (it’s just off the A38 near Exeter). Last year a few of us went there on the Monday and it was really good fun.

We intend to have a barbeque at my place on Saturday evening, so bring something barbequeable if you can. Please let me know if you’re coming so I’ll have an idea of how much grill space we’ll need - if there are going to be loads of us I’ll get some disposable barbeques as well.

For anybody who’s arriving earlier on Friday and is keen to go for a ride in the afternoon, let me know and I’ll make sure I’m around to take you out somewhere. I think I should do a bog/river inspection around that time, so perhaps we could make that into a ride.

That’s about it I think. Please don’t let the recent wet weather put you off! Let me know if you’re coming - makes it easier if I have an idea of numbers.

See you all there - bring the suncream :slight_smile: (and the waterproofs, just in case)


sweet I’ve got this weekend off, If I can get down here somehow I could go. Anyone offering lifts?

I live in Barnstaple, North Devon by the way.

w00t w00t, I’ll be there. I can be down on the Friday early evening until Sunday evening. 'Tis a pity we can’t move the bank holiday so we still get the Monday…

i’m still planning to come, bbq sounds good. What size uni do people generally use? i can choose between 24" and 29", though expect i’ll bring both.

I’ll be there, and current plans are that I’m picking Sam up on the way, just don’t know where from yet.

Cool, not long now!

I think the sky should be pretty empty by the time this weekend comes, so we’re guarenteed sun. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring my 24x3, for maximum sessioning to the max, and minimum excess speed .

Will let you know soon Ian.


probably wont be able to make it, which sucks, but if anyone is passin through bristol and can give me a lift, then i might be able to, but not sure, all abit chaotic atm

I’ll be there roughly the same time as Phil, I hope. Also bringing a 24 because I have no other muni. Someday I’ll swap it for a 26.