Feeler - Dartmoor Muni Weekend 2007 - who's interested?

I can do the weekend of the 7th-8th July if that’s better for people.
Does that help?


Err, yeah, I can probably make 7th-8th July. If that’s no good then 21-22nd July or 4th-5th August would possibly be better than the last weekend of July. But don’t take my word for it.

Organising unicyclists - like herding cats with full diaries.


I could do any of those dates John. I’d prefer sometime in July rather than August if at all possible though. But if lots of people favour August I could be persuaded. The most important thing is to pick a date that will suit the most people.

I need to get this decided fairly soon though, so I can book the relevant Friday off work or whatever. So if you think you’ll be coming please let me know what date(s) you prefer and what ones you can’t make. Looks like anything in July is possible at the moment, and possibly the first weekend of August.


7th & 8th is good for me, or the 28th/29th but early August is def not.

Provisionally, last weekend in July sounds best for me.

july 15/16 or 21/22 or 28/29 all work for us.

Bummer… just remembered I can’t do the 7th-8th July (I’m an exhibit at a classic car show - or at least the car is). So, that weekend’s out I’m afraid. Sorry. Any other weekend in July is good though.


oops- I gooffed. Can’t do july 21st. S&P&e

I’ll make the effort to plan some better “easy” routes this year Gavin. Ideally there would be enough people who consider themselves novices to form a proper group, but that really depends on who comes - as you know, last year was mostly made up of faster xc riders; it would be nice if we could attract a more mixed group this time. But either way, the more the merrier - I’ll make sure I plan some easier routes for those who want them.

As it turned out, I think you’d have been happier on the long Sunday ride we did last year than you were on the first one. Although it was long, there wasn’t so much technical rocky stuff and we did spend more time messing about rather than pressing on (and the weather was much better which helped a lot - you don’t really want to hang around when it’s foggy and raining).

As for Chicksands… you didn’t get on with the humps and berms; I wasn’t much cop on the northshore; you can ride a Schlumpf; I’m good on Dartmoor rocky trails (that I ride almost every day)… don’t worry :slight_smile:


Unless the weather is foul… one of Paul or I should be able to walk/jog with a slower group, so long as they agree to help us get the chariot (and Ed) over any stiles.

Right, I’ll vote for the 21st-22nd. Would prefer to avoid the weekend after that, but I could probably make the weekend before if that helps.


21st - 22nd is good for me

That weekend works for me…

Cool, looks like we’re getting some agreement now :slight_smile:
That weekend’s good for me. I’ll book some good weather.


Hi everyone.

Me and Tom are up for it, definately.
Rob, should you want some company when checking out the trails then give me a bell/PM.


Me too :slight_smile:

Sorry - yes, I was just thinking I should make this more official.

I think we’ve agreed on the weekend of 21st-22nd of July. If some people want to make it a longer event I should be able to get the Friday and Monday off work.

I’ll get planning some more routes :slight_smile:


Bumping this thread as a reminder :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Friday and Monday off work, so we could do something on the Friday afternoon and/or Monday morning if anybody is feeling keen. I’m REALLY hoping the weather dries up a bit so the rivers are low enough to cross the stepping stones. I think I’ll use a couple of the routes around Burrator reservoir again - if only for people to see it without the fog (because of course it’s going to be fantastic weather this year). I’m looking into riding another route or two slightly away from Princetown (easy if the rivers are low - we can do the stepping stones ride, which is really good, but does need to have a few dry days beforehand to be safe). I also propose a visit to the Haldon Woods trails for more variation, probably on the Monday (it’s just off the A38 near Exeter, so usefully on the way home for most people who come from further afield - sorry Tue ;)) Haldon has various trails from really easy “family” routes suitable for novices to some quite challenging red and black routes.

It’s easiest if we base the weekend at Princetown again - the accomodation options are the same as last year - most obvious is camping in the Plume of Feathers camp site, or in their bunkhouse. You’ll certainly need to book if you’re hoping to stay in the bunkhouse (it may already be booked up with group bookings) and it’s probably a good idea to try to get your name down for camping, although they don’t officially take bookings for tents. The Plume’s phone number is 01822 890240.

Food in the pub is nice but getting a bit “restauranty” and not as cheap as it could (should) be. There’s a chippy in the village but it’s not open late. Probably best to be fairly self-sufficient in food, although there is a small local shop. We’ll put on a barbeque at my place one night if the weather is kind (which it will be).

Right, I think that’s about it… let me know if you’re still keen to come, and if you consider yourself to be a novice rider. Some of the routes are probably somewhere in the middle between “hard” and “easy”, so there may well be a chance to ride “intermediate” routes but avoid the harder or longer ones.

It WILL be good weather this time :slight_smile:


I’m still up for this, will let you know later whether I’ll extend the weekend either side or not.

I’ll be there, although only from Friday late afternoon/evening until Sunday. I’m looking forward to the gloriously sunny, warm, dry weather!