Feeler - Dartmoor Muni Weekend 2007 - who's interested?

Brendan asked me if there was going to be a Dartmoor muni weekend this year… To be honest I hadn’t really thought much about it recently, but I’d be up for doing it again if there was enough interest.

So, as a preliminary feeler:

  • Who would be interested in coming?
  • When would suit you best? (bearing in mind it’s a wet place and the rivers need to be low for some of the routes, so mid-summer is preferable. Last year we did it at the end of May and it was too wet for the river crossings).

Last year went quite well, although it was a bit damp (always a risk on the moor I’m afraid). The main problem I think needs addressing was the imbalance between the “slow” and “fast” groups - in fact the way it turned out last year most of the attendees were fairly hardcore cross-country riders and two less experienced off-roaders ended up feeling a bit left out. I don’t want that to happen again, but on the other hand I don’t want to be elitist and say everybody has to be able to keep up with the racers. It should be a fun meeting for everybody. Hopefully if we can attract more people this year there will be a better balance of the groups.

So, what do you think?


I’m interested, can’t do much in June or early july tho. I could walk with a slower group and take Ed in the chariot.

End of July/start of August would be good - some hope of it being less wet. When are SSMM and SITS this year I wonder…


Mid - end july would probably be best for me, but its hard to say. Whatever it is i’ll try come along.

Sounds good. Any time for me (I can’t plan that far ahead) as long as it doesn’t clash with hockey.

I’d be interested. Don’t mind when, as long as it’s a weekend of wonderful weather, when it’s been dry for a few days beforehand for all the trails to dry out.

Second the not clashing with hockey. I can organises clashes for those without anyones help. Beyond that, it’s too early for me to pretend to be organised.

Be up for this if I have the time.

I think I’ll probably be in the fast group again if I don’t get injured. Have been riding a lot in hills. 50 miles, 2500m of climbing + 2500m of descent on the last ride. Mmm. We like hills.

Not sure about time though as I might be doing more running around than unicycling by then, in training for the doing the Welsh 3000s (on foot, in a day). Penny did a 15 mile hill run the other day and seemed to survive it fine, so I’ve got some catching up to do.

I think as far as slow/fast riders goes, I’ve done this two ways for weekends I’ve organised. Some, like the Peaks Muni Trip, I’ve just said flat out, no beginners, because there’s no trails in the area worth them riding, so it’s been purely very fast riders. Other ones I’ve made sure that there is always at least one fast person who is willing to ride slow and lead a slow ride.

Oh yeah, and when I did weekends near London I used to say Saturday will be flat out riding, sunday will be beginner friendly, riding a bit less technical trails, with lots of pie breaks and no hurries. But that’s only good for local riders, as Dartmoor is too far to travel for a days ride for most people.


So it seems there is at least some interest then.

Apparently SSMM is the weekend of the 23rd June and SITS is the weekend of the 11th August, so the end of July would seem a suitable date.

GK: The rougher rocky trails round here are certainly very different to ride than the more usual woods-based routes - I don’t think you need to be fantastically good to ride them (at least not downhill), but it does take a different technique (and a fat low-pressure tyre helps a lot). I’m so used to riding here that I find rocks much easier to deal with than rooty woods trails, that everybody else seems to be used to. The Llanberis track on Snowdon has some very similar surfaces if you want to practice :slight_smile:

One of the routes I wanted to run last year is very different and a nice contrast to the rocky exposed tracks on the top of the moor. It involves a few river crossings by stepping stones though, and it’s not possible if it’s been too wet.


Yer i’ll be Up for that. It’ll Be a Good Laugh

Mm, a muni trip to Dartmoor sounds good any time! I’m up for it pretty much whenever, though my preference would be sooner rather than later - late May may be nice.

I can’t make the SITS due to a friend’s wedding, but I’m looking forward to another SSMM in June, which I guess is going to be having applications soon. :slight_smile:


P.S. Joe - A ride with 2500m climbing!? Blimey.

I’d be interested in maybe coming to something like this. Suspect I’d be in the slow (and falling off frequently) riders category, though :wink:

end july sounds pretty good for me, lots of people sound interested ehehe thats wot i love about unicycling everyone is always up for a ride…

More downhill than uphill would defo be a bonus, up hill is way too tyring lol

Not usually possible with circular routes :wink:
I tried to work it out last year so some people could be picked up at the bottom of the long dowhill and be ferried back - which worked (thanks Sarah!), but the downhill bit proved a bit harder than I thought for some people (I’m so used to it I didn’t really think of it as difficult - but I suppose it is if you’re not used to rocks :o (sorry Gavin & Liz))
That’s really the only way you’re going to get out of riding the uphills. But to be honest, on a climb it’s often quicker to walk than ride anyway, so you’ll be able to keep up even if you don’t ride the climbs.

I will try to plan some easier routes though if we get enough people to form a proper “slow” group. There are some old railway line routes that are nice and easy to ride (or very quick, depending on your point of view :)) and get you out on the moor. And, obviously with a former railway, no steep gradients.

Sam: Looks like end of July is looking likely - would that be a real problem for you? It might be better to run it later than last year (it was the end of May) to be more likely to be less wet.


Im interested in this! I will ask Leo if he wants to come on this too! Anytime after April is good for me, there are loads of rides between now and the end of april so it would be good if it is a while after then.

Rock on!

I am definitly up for this although the week from Sat 4th August is out as I will be on holiday.
Make it ion July and I’ll be there.

Another vote for the end of July then. Looks like it would suit most people, and there’s a reasonable chance of getting the river crossings within safe limits (and it’s nice not to get soaked every ride anyway).

Anybody really dead against the end of July?


It’s a road ride though. Still aching today. Joe say man who try to avoid hills by riding ‘beach route’ not ‘summit route’ get shock from 10 or more steep sided volcanic bays.


I seem to have neglected this a bit recently… So, how about the last weekend in July folks? Once we’ve decided on a date, and assuming enough people are up for coming, I’ll get on with sorting out some routes (hopefully it’ll be dry enough to do the stepping stones route this year).




I’d love to do some more muni-ing on Dartmoor but I’m busy at the end of July / beginning of August… :frowning:

The beginning of July would be better for me (and John, I think) but if the majority prefer late July then you’ll just have to arrange another one next year… :slight_smile: