[FEELER] Custom triton 26x4 - 32"

I am considering selling my custom Triton. The frame is based on the Triton triple design with the crown raised one inch to accommodate a 26x4, 29x3.5, and 32" wheel. it would also be ideal for someone who wants lots of clearance all around a Surly Knard 29x3. I have a few other unicycles that could probably go. I really should thin my fleet.

The reason I am considering selling is I have more unicycles than fit in my car and I wouldn’t mind offsetting the cost of going on the Unistan tour. I can get pictures and more information if anyone is interested.

pm sent

Very interested, would you please be able to post some pics? Although I fear shipping to EU would cost A LOT…

pm sent

OK so it looks like there is some interest in this thing. I responded to all the PMs.

Some answers to recurring questions for anyone interested:

The frame will fit anything 32" or smaller and anything 4" or skinnier.

I have a few different wheels that can go with it. For just the frame I would ask near-new price but as a complete unicycle perhaps with an extra wheel or two we could make a deal. I am going to dig around this weekend and see what I have to make a package deal.

When I have things figured I will either make a proper sale thread (with pics) or update this one.