Feeler: Custom Nimbus/Kh (trials/street)

The only reason I say feeler, is because there is a SMALL chance I keep this unicycle. (I’m getting a KH09 today)
This unicycle does not come with a seat.


Nimbus rim, spokes, hub, frame
KH seatpost (a little bent), Moments 137mm cranks (3 weeks old) Animal Hamilton Pedals.

The pedals are a bit loose, but I’d tighten them and true the wheel before I ship.

I’m asking $310. You pay shipping. BONUS: I’ll also throw in some DX Metal pedals and a KH Handle and Bumper.


my guess is your going to have to lower your price. I just bought a nimbus trials with 137 moments AND a seat for $200 used on the trading post. The Nimbus also sells band new with moments for $330. good luck with the sale:)

I was thinking the very same thing.

Lucky to get 250 with no seat.

More like 200 with shipping.

Wow, you really ride your stuff hard.

I’m loving the worn CC though, there’s nothing like a worn CC. My absolute favorite.


I’m hoping this is sarcasm, lol.

Like everyone said, lower the price if you want anyone to even consider buying it.

I’ll see what happens, for now, I’ll probably just keep it.

Nope, not sarcasm what so ever. There’s nothing like a worn CC. Well … worn Try-All’s are decent, but not like the CC … hmmm, I think I could start a thread… :roll_eyes:

Good luck with the sale hungry4uni, didn’t mean to take it off topic…:slight_smile: