Feeler - Custom KH20 Unicycle


I’m considering selling my custom KH20 unicycle. So if I can see if anyone is interested, we can go from there.


  • KH Fusion Street Saddle
  • 07 KH Seatpost
  • KH Double bolt Seat clamp
  • 05 KH Stripped Frame
  • Try-All Tire (lots of tread left, not one spot even close to bald)
  • 06 KH Rim 19" 42mm wide (no holes)
  • 08 KH ISIS Hub
  • KH Moment ISIS Cranks 125mm
  • Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals

Everything is in really great condition, nothings bent, frame is super shiny, really light, just a great unicycle. I have no use for it right now.

I’m going to ask $375 OBO. Price is CAD. You pay shipping.

Email/MSN - isaac.a.steiner@gmail.com

Or send me a PM (private message) :slight_smile:



that is one nice uni!

Thanks, want to buy it?? :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jeremy.

Yep, the rim is really great. Stays in true a lot longer than a holy rim. All the Nimbus ISIS trial unis come with this rim. Super solid.


My parents say I can get it, first I need to sell mine.

What do you have that you need to sell?

Thats an awesome deal for anyone in the US. $375 CAD is roughly $305 US.

Yeah, for anyone in the US, this is a bargain. For people in Canada, $375 is still good seeing the KH prices have gone up.


Wow, this is a very nice unicycle. Someone should jump on this very fast.




i get my tax return on the 16th of feb… and at that time i would LOVE to by this uni

Alrighty, I have one person that is somewhat interested in it, but if they don’t get it before the 16th, you can buy it.



I will buy that right now. :astonished:

so is this sold yet?

How strong are the 05’ frames compared to the frames with the little corner pieces welded in?