[Feeler] Custom KH20 & Parts

Im looking to sell my 07/08 KH20.


[SORRY FOR HUGE PICS] i just took them and im too lazy to resize.

It has about 8 hours on it. I rode it for about 2 weeks and then i got burnt out, now i found a hobby that pays so this is collecting dust!

I dont have to sell it I will if i get a good enough offers.

Its a:

2007 KH20 Frame, Powder coated Cadillac Pearl.
2008 Wheelset With 137mm Cranks.
Profile Single Bolt Clamp.
Oddessy Glow in The Dark PC Pedals.

ALSO I Have Some Parts Forsale.

19" Trials Tube

Blue KH Double Bolt Clamp

19" Creepy Crawler

A Blue and Green Saddle Cover

Oddessy Trail Mix Pedals?

Blue 19’’ rim Tape

And Rolo’s

Wow that’s an awsome uni! I’m posting to say that your pedals are Odyssey Jim C’s. Are you quitting unicycling???

Yes unfortunately, im not done for good. I need some money for another hobby, im working on becoming pro and getting my equipment is not cheap!

i know it says make offers, but i can’t really put a price on this sort of thing.

any way you could PM me a range?

It’s a sweet uni, very cool, but if as with abbabibble if you could pm me what you are thinking you want/need or put a price up on the forums, otherwise people can only offer you what they can afford or what they think they should pay and it might not be what it’s worth, or what you might be looking for.

would you take $30 for the rollos and seat covers?

I would, if no one wants to buy it as a whole kit.

Heres what I was thinking $500 for EVERYTHING, or $450 for the uni.

Really thats a good deal, i rode it about 10 times, and heres what i paid:

KH20: $500.00
Try-All: $50.00
Seat Post Clamp: $10.00
Twisted PC GLow in the Dark: $18.00
Seat Cover: $10.00
PowderCoat White: $75.00

I have over $650 in this thing!

I will consider all reasonable offers though!


No offers! ahh

If I needed a whole new uni I would buy it, but sadly all I reall “need” is a new wheelset.

again, i’d buy it but i’m a little poor at the moment. i’ll let you know if i stumble across a huge pile of money.

Unless you want to sell the wheelset for a good price?:smiley:

If you end up selling the parts separately, I’d be interested in the blue saddle cover and the Oddessy Trail Mix Pedals and maybe the blue double seat post clamp, depending on price.

If you were willing to part out I would possibly take the seatpost and the try-all if Michaelgoround doesn’t want it.

if you dont mind me asking what hobby is it??

I would be willing to part out, IF everything is ready to leave. I dont want parts just sitting around! haha

And the new thing is motocross for me, but i am racing minimoto and my bike needs $4000 in suspension. :astonished:

I’m interested in the wheelset if Michael doesn’t want it.

Hot4uni is looking for some good deals. He may be interested in the whole. I can talk to him on monday or tuesday.

I don’t think you should charge for the PowderCoat… After all, it was your decision to powdercoat it, and if someone wants to powdercoat it to a different color, then they have to pay twice as much for the powdercoat as you did. + either way, you can’t charge full price for everything you put into it. Its used, no matter how many times you’ve ridden it.

Also, You can’t charge 500 for the KH, then an additional 50 for the tire. It would be more fair to subtract the cost of the creepy crawler that came with the KH, as well as the seatpost clamp, and the seat cover (which comes with a unicycle anyway…). It would be cheaper to just buy a KH 09, and a better idea too. Even though its an 07 KH, you could get an 09 for that much. A better quality uni all together.

I’m just trying to make it a little more fair for the buyers. If I were to buy that uni, i’d pay no more than $525-$550 USD.


Haha im asking $450.00… That was just a referance of how much i put into it.

If possible please delete this thread i have a new updated thread at : Custom KH20 & Parts