Feeler: Custom KH trials.

The tyre that was on the unicycle has sold, however I remembered I have a shaved Maxxis Creepy Crawler, if that would be of interest.

Scrap that, Maxxis tyre provisionally sold.

Frame + seat post clamp are on e-bay, as are the cranks. Open to offers on the frame + clamp, as I can’t see them selling on e-bay.

Frame + powder-coating cost me £165, it’s in near perfect condition, make an offer if you want the frame.

Figured I’d put this here rather than start a new thread.

I might have a Profile hub & crank set going soon if anyone’s interested. 145mm cranks, the nub(?) for securing the chainring has been ground down, otherwise it interferes with some unicycle frames. The bearings are smaller than those on a UDC or KH hub, so a set of bearing sleeves will need to be purchased (UDC has them) if you want to run the Profiles in any frame other than one like in the pic. I believe this was the hub on Zack Baldwin used Defect, if that holds any signifigance to anyone. Anyway, open to offers.

hub and crank

I would be interested in the hub and crank set. Let me know what you need to get for it.

As stated in the opening post, will only post to the UK. Besides, international postage wouldn’t exactly be cheap.

sorry to ask here, but your shaved maxxis aren’t weak?

I didn’t have any problems with it, I think I was using it for a few months before swapping to the Try-All.

Scrap that.

Shaved Creepy Crawler still up for grabs, with a tube.

Are the 125mm moments still on? If you are prepared to take £25 posted (UK) and stick 'em on ebay, I’ll buy them off you.

Sorry, I posted on the UK forums saying the cranks are no longer for sale, but I forgot to post here.

All that’s left is the frame with seat post clamp.

how much for the frame?

Frame is now sold.


Lol, yeah, hoorah indeed.

Sorry to revive an old thread… but isn’t that your CF seat on eBay at the moment? It’s one hell of a bargain if it is!


Yes it is… I was quite tempted myself, but I don’t really want the skinny street foam and cover.


I found it!

Yup, 'tis. I’m currently unicycle less, well I have the mini-giraffe, but it’s not up to much. I’m nearly finished swapping parts for my bmx, so the seat’s going so I can finish the bmx.

It is listed on the UUU forum: Here.

Ahhh, ok. I never think to check there. Hopefully this will have caught the attention of others that don’t look there either and increase your chances of selling though :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you’re uniless at the moment. Hope it’s a temporary thing.