Feeler: Custom KH trials.

As stated in my other thread looking for a Surly, the thought of selling my KH is on my mind. I keep on injuring my ankles, and it’s stopping my progress. I built it up in March for £461 + postage, it has hardly been used since then due to repeatedly injuring my ankles, so there is minimal wear. I am undecided yet as to a price, I’ll try to come up with something, but I’m open to offers in the mean time.

KH double crown frame, powder-coated glittery Kawasaki green.
KH Fusion Street saddle, drilled bumper, sanded handle and bumper.
K1 / Try-All reinforced seat post, K1 seat post clamp.
Carbon Fibre base, fitted with button head allen bolts, and a strip of hose on each side, saving fingers and more comfortable.
Nimbus ISIS hub, Prolite spokes, Prolite nipples, Viz rim & rim strip.
125mm KH Moment cranks, KH Rollo Disc’s, Animal Hamilton PC pedals
Shaved Try-All Stiky tyre, Trials tube.

It is also listed on the Union of UK Unicyclists forum, here..
Will only post to the UK at this time.

i would love the whole thing but wont have the money… im really interested in the wheelset though, if your willing to go seperately.

Might do, that is if there’s interest in the remaining parts.

Oh yeah, if I do end up stripping it to part it out, I’ll be keeping the seat, and there’ll be a Nimbus seat with a KH cover available instead.

thanks, can you send a PM my way if your up for it. depending on fnds, i may only be able to get the wheel(hub rim spokes) but would love the whole wheel ‘kit’ if i can afford it

Yeah, will do.

To bad your selling it, looks so good.
Oh, and my seat bumper is drilled EXACTLY the same :sunglasses:

Yeah, it is, but I can’t see me being able to use it for what I built it for, so I’d rather sell it and get something I can use.

Lol, randomness, I drilled the bigger holes, decided it didn’t look right, then added the smaller ones.

Not a big weightsaver, but just looks cool :sunglasses:

Nah, I’m not one for dropping weight on parts, I just get the parts I want.

if simon gets just the hub rim and spokes could i get that sexy tire? :smiley:
how much would you want for it?

Yeah you could, but that’ll depend on wether he can get the whole wheel set and if he wants the tyre. As for how much, may as well see if it comes to splitting the uni and if Simon wants the tyre first.

free bump

i have the same green on my frame seatpost and rim but not glittery

shame you have to sell it.

I’ll buy the seat from you if you are still selling it. I have a great need for a CF base.

I missed this.:frowning:

£350 ONO.

Yeah, you could find a new street / trials uni for less, but you’ll be hard pushed to find a full custom street / trials uni with these spec’s in as good condition.

UK postage will be around £15.

Is the CF base included in the sell? If so I will buy it from whoever buys the whole uni. If they want to sell it that is.

Yes, if sold as as a complete unicycle, it will be as listed in the first post.

If I don’t get a buyer for the complete unicycle and I end up splitting it, then I will keep the CF based seat.

Wheel, tyre and pedals are provisionaly sold.

Parts remaining are: seat post, seat post clamp, frame, cranks and Rollo discs. I will get pic’s of the remaining parts on here later.

Wheel, tyre, pedals, Rollo discs and seat post are all sold.

Parts left are:
125mm KH Moments, light scratches to the underside of the right crank. Purchased mid March, hardly used.

K1 seat post clamp.

KH double crown frame, powder-coated glittery Kawasaki green. Two tiny marks on the frame, light marks to the right bearing clamp, grip tape on both crowns. Bought late February, hardly used.