Feeler: Custom 26/29 Triton Muni/XC uni plus spare parts

Feeler: 26/29 Triton $1200 + Shipping OBO

Want to get a 36" Triton. Can’t afford it yet. With nursing school then a night shift ER nursing job lined up for me upon graduation, I’m not going to have much time for muni. I’d rather focus on commuting and once-a-week XC riding.

So I’m thinking of selling my purple nurple unis, NOT INCLUDING SEAT POST AND SADDLE but with some spare parts.

Custom 26/29 Triton frame
26" wheel:
•Dartmoor Trixie rim pink/purple
•Black DT comp spokes
•Impact Exceed Titanium hub
•Purple DT alloy nipples
•Purple Deity alloy valve cap
•black Mad4One dual hole muni cranks (ergal, isis)
•Purple Deity Compound pedals
•lightweight 26" race tube
3 Specialized tires: S-Works The Captain 26x2.0, S-Works Ground Control 26x2.3, and Butcher SX 26x2.5

29" wheel
•Purple Velocity Blunt SL (tubeless)
•Purple DT alloy nipples
•Black DT comp spokes
•Black Mad4One cromo hub
•125mm aluminum Isis Qu-Ax cranks
•BRAND NEW UNUSED Red Twenty6 Ti axle Predator pedals with purple pins (will include extra black and silver pins also)
•Purple Deity Presta valve cap
•Tubeless Specialized S-Works •Renegade (29x1.95)

SPARE PARTS, all brand new:
MountainUni 180mm rotor
MountainUni UCM1 caliper mount
135mm Sinz Isis Cranks
Black Sinz rotor bolts
Avid Juicy 3 Front Hydraulic Disc Brake Set with 160mm rotor
KH brake mount

Sorry the pics are so confusing. They’re all I have to work with right now. Just to clarify, the qu-ax aluminum cranks and red Twenty6 ti predator pedals will be on the 29", and the mad4one dual holes and purple deity compound pedals will be on the 26". Seat, seat post, pink predator pedals, and purple mad4one cranks will not be included.

Just let me know if there are any specific pics that you want. Would be willing to part out if I had enough interest in the separate parts.


After talking to some people on Facebook and adding up the actual cost I’ve spent on these parts (and considering that the unicycle is only a few months old), I’m bumping the price up to $1400 for both wheels, $1200 for the 29er, $1250 for the 26er.

Please don’t sell it. The 29er wheel is a damn good agile commuter. For a 36er you might get 1.5X the speed (if you really work at it) but loose the ability to idle and it would be far less agile.

Learning to use a 36er on the road is a lot of effort and you will need some time before you are safe. Plus if thats not enough, the 36er won’t be as pretty :(.

Also, a 36er doesn’t have to be triton, you can get a nightfox ready to go for $630 and you are unlikely to break it.

Yeah, these are all things I’m considering. I’m also looking into schlumpfing my 26er and not selling either. The hardest part for me is how pretty my unicycles are. :slight_smile: But I keep reading on the forums about how once you go to a 36’’, you’ll never got back to a 29’’. Which makes me think there IS a significant difference. My commute may be over 12-14 miles long every day, and over 15 miles on some days. :-/ I don’t know if the 29er will be enough.

with the distance you mentioned ill start with what is very likely to be an unpopular opinion here.

For the days you are in a hurry, you could find a respectable second hand touring/road bike. Im definitely not talking about carbon but nor am i talking about department store junk. On a unicycle (even a 36) the long commute will take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. On a bike you could do it in less than an hour. You would still be able to ride the uni on the days where time was less of a concern and would probably be able to enjoy riding the unicycle more because of it.

I was almost the opposite with 29 and 36. I love my 36 to bits and it feels awesome to be riding an unstoppable doom wheel of pure madness and power but i live in a city with lots of poor road surfaces, maze like streets and thousands of tourists (many of whom think people drive on the right when crossing roads). Once i got (and upgraded) my 29er, the 36er stopped being used anywhere near as often.

There is a significant difference between the 2 sizes. You really need to try out a 36er before you make any decisions as they have really heavy wheels which kinda act like a flywheel. Sudden movements and reactions without brakes once the wheel is spun up will result in instant flying UPDs, everything has to be planned a couple of seconds in advance. A 36er also is horrible to ride below ~6mph and feels like it is trying to buck you off until you reach a cruising speed. Once you are cruising though, you are utterly unstoppable.

The best places for a 36er are almost deserted and relatively straight roads and paths where you can cruise at 11-13mph (my easy sustained pace) without sudden obstructions from drivers, digitally pacified pedestrians and suicidal dogs off the lead.

With a 36er you dont need to start off with an all bells and whistles triton. You don’t necessarily even need an isis hub to start with. A UDC titan (or Coker/QuAX if you want 48 spoke compatibility nightmares) can have a hub replacement in the future and a KH/triton frame put on it. For far less than a schlumpf, you could get the expensive bits (rim outwards) and rebuild it into something much nicer later.

Edit. WOW this is a bit of a jumble of all sorts of thoughts. Whatever happens though, please don’t sell it :smiley:

Thank you for your input. I haven’t heard that side of riding a 36er. Maybe it’s the nearby population of riders in my current and future areas, but 36ers seem to be the way to go when it comes to distance/commuting/XC riding. I’ll admit, I’m very scared of going any higher than my 29", but I figure it’s something I’d get used to. I don’t want to go back to a bike. If I’m in a hurry or will be late if I unicycle, I’ll undoubtedly drive. But ideally I want the unicycle to be my primary means of getting to school, local hospitals, and around town in general. Maybe I’ll try the first month on my 29er and if it’s ungodly slow I’ll reconsider getting a 36".

The problem then is I have a 26" wheel that I won’t have a lot of time to ride. I predict I’ll get to muni once or twice a month! When I take even a week off of riding trails, I feel less confident on them after the break. If I get a 36" that acts as both my commuter and XC uni, maybe my skill level will remain constant (once I learn how to ride a 36" of course). I have a friend who said she’d let me try her 36er. Maybe I’ll ride hers first before making the final decision.

Also, if you haven’t tried 100’s on the 29er w/ a road tire like a Big Apple 28x2 you aren’t really comparing it fairly to the 36.

I know that there’s a lot of talk about never turning back once you have a 36, but I regretted selling my 29er. The 29 is a much more versatile size. At least around here the XC riding is sketchy on anything bigger than a 26. I’ve done light trail riding on my 36, but nothing I would consider XC. More like wide flat paths with rolling climbs and descents. I haven’t taken my 32 on trails yet, but I suspect I will feel more comfortable than on the 36. It feels like just about the perfect size for a big wheel uni to me.

+1 on jtrops post.
If your knees allow you, a 29er with shorter cranks and a handle-bar make for a killer combination while still being not too big/heavy.

If you feel like trying 100mm cranks (if you are already used to 125mm on your 29er), I have a set home that do not see love now that my knees says no to too short cranks for their taste :smiley:

I have both a 36 schlumpf and a ungeared 36 Triton and I can say I would never give up my 29er, I am considering getting a schlumpf hub for my 29 but with or without a geared hub the 29 stays

I have a Geared 29 and a Geared 36. I love them both and the speed difference between the two anymore is very small. Top on a 29 is 22mph and my 36 is 27mph. BUT the 29 is much easier to commute through cars and traffic with and picks up a higher rolling speed really quickly so it was actually shorter on my commute even though the other is faster because of the acceleration.

Not true. I’ve had both. Sold my 36er a couple weeks ago, plan to be buried with my 700c/29er.

Hey bwrightback, look what has been posted on eBay ! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding…

It’s purple, I think you have to buy it. :wink:

don’t tempt me!!! :wink:

So I think the general consensus on here and on Facebook is to not sell, don’t get a 36", and either schlumpf the 29" or put shorter cranks on the 29". Thank you very much for all of your help and warnings about a 36". I’m going to close the thread now and start looking for a used schlumpf that won’t cost me as much as my unicycles. :slight_smile: