Feeler: Custom 19" Nimbus

Hey everyone,

I’m thinking of selling my Custom Nimbus 20"

KH Fusion Street Saddle
Aluminum Seat Post (I think, tell me if I’m wrong)
Nimbus 2 Trials Frame (powder-coated red)
Maxxis Creepy Crawler (little tread left)
Nimbus 19" wheelset
Qu-ax lightweight freestyle cranks-145mm (standard on unicycle)
DX Style metal pedals.

I’m asking 260 USD. OBO



Nimbus Trials

You can get a new red nimbus trials for 300 plus shipping. It comes with better crands(pretty sure their better) and it comes, for a limited time, a kh street fusion saddle. Thats only about $40 dollars mor for it brand new with better cranks and the same seat new. I personally think you should lower the price. That is my personal opinon on your asking price is that you should lower it.


Does your price include shipping? I have one more point to make that I should have made in my previous post. You can buy a kh 20 for about 305 USD abouve you on this thread. I also have a correction to my other post. I am not sure how Nimbus Venture cranks compare to qu-ax light wieght freestyle cranks.


Edit: If you part out I would consider wheelset or frame.