(feeler) Coker for a 29"

I want to see the possibility of trading a coker for a 29". I have a radial deluxe with the T7 handle with a schwinn cycle computer on it. I only had one major UPD on it so there are a few scratches. The seat post is cut to fit me (around 6ft/72" tall). I believe it has 125 cranks on them. Everything on it is still stock minus the computer. Thanks

I have a teammate that might be interested. Please check out the 29er listed at silentaftermath.com under “what we ride”

I want your Coker!

I will take your radial. I have a 29 that is like new that I can trade. Check your private messages.

follow up:

29" uni
nimbus X black 29" frame
nimbus II blue rim (36 spoke)
125mm cranks
Kenda tire (good for light muni and road riding)
DX pedals
rail type seatpost and KH rail adapter
standard 06 UDC seat
GB4 Handle

Not sure if this is still aorund, but I have a 28" Semcycle with allow rim and T7 handle. Let me know if we can make this happen. PM me ASAP. I will pay shipping for both of us and throw in some extra’s if you need.

ive been told this is a done deal

yes, it is a done deal. I shipped the uni out this morning. Thanks for the interest all and good luck on your search!

The radial arrived today, and it’s the bomb!

Thanks Rubix!