Feeler, coker big one 36er.

So I havent rode it in 2 years and I have switched to riding bicycle trials and am now getting the itch to try moto trials. The coker has the road bar,a cateye enduro 8 speedo,V-brake and a KH road seat. I also have 150,125 and 114mm cranks. I have 350 miles on the speedo and about 100 miles before I installed it, I also have the orginal box to ship it out in. Im not up on what the cokers are selling for now,so if anyone could give me a price I would be very thankfull. Im cleaning the dust off it and will get some pics posted up very soon.



So im thinking 375 plus shipping ??? hows that sound ?

PM sent


Hi has the Coker been sold?

Nope not yet.

Its best to shoot me a PM as i dont get on this site much.

Bump… :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to sell just the cranks? 114s pretty please.

I wish you were selling this around xmas time. I just purchased the exact same unicycle but for much more $$$ :confused: this is a great deal!


What do you want for it… 450

PM sent


Hello, I would like to buy the uni if it’s still available? Thanks

Sale pending, I will post here if its sold.

SOLD !!!

Thanks eveyone ! :slight_smile: