Feeler-36er for sale

Thinking about selling my Nimbus 36er with Airfoil rim, T7 handle, 150/127 cranks, cateye computer. I think I have about 112 miles on it. Would prefer face to face in the Mid-west. I live in Kansas. I’m thinking @$450


any pics? also would you ship if needed ?

sorry for the threadjack… which model of Cateye do you have? I want to make sure the one I buy works with 36".

i’ve yet to find a cycle comp that won’t cope, worst case stick two magnets on your wheel.

To continue the threadjack (but it’s all good bumping for the OP’s advert!) the oldish Velo 8 on my coker won’t go big enough without using two magnets - although that isn’t really a problem. I don’t know if the new Velo 8 goes bigger - there’s one on my winter commuting bike so if it helps I’ll dig it out from under its blanket tonight and check for you.


take the advice of the helpful youth in Halford’s, just stick it 10" lower on the frame and set it as a 26" wheel.

Really? I have had bad experience with 3 different ones, and now I just don’t use them. I recommend getting a wired one because they are less likely to have problems than the wireless ones.

looks like i’ve been lucky then. I also would advise wired, wireless is extremely limited.

I use the cateye Enduro 8, after calling the factory they told me it would go high enough. Worked like a charm.


I’d prefer to do a ftf in the mid-west, but could check on shipping.

Polar CS6000, expensive but no problems anymore

I undersatdn your problems. I have testet more than tree models, wireless and cable computers.

The only one, working really good is now on my RTL Bike. It´s a Polar CS 600.
Fuk… expensive, but the wireless connection works over 15 meters, the signal for your pulse more than 20 meters. So I´ve got no problems with the CS600 for more as 1000km riding. Additional it has an IR Port to send the training details on your PC.

Very great in my opinion

this will not work think about it each time th sensor gets a “click” it will add to your dsitans and speed the circumfrens of a 26 in wheel not a 36 in wheel

umm, you might like to more closely analyse posts for sarcasm/humour before replying to them

I might be intersted in the 36".

As for the Cyclocomputer, just go Garmin gps and get Heart rate as well. Easier to set-up on the frame as well. :slight_smile:

I ordered a new coker big one so go for it !


Also you should try for greyhound shipping, it might be cheaper and faster than UPS.

The big wheel is sold.