Feeler: 2009 Kris Holm KH36 (for sale / for trade)

Hello everyone,

I’m thinking of selling / trading my 2009 KH36 that’s in ‘like new’ condition. I bet it’s got under 200km on it. Nothing more than, that’s for sure.

I’m not completely sure about selling / trading it, well I am, but my parents aren’t, but I am posting it to see if I can get some interest, and then we can go from there.

It’s a stock KH36 with 125mm Moment cranks, a blue KH Fusion Freeride saddle. Very comfortable. And Odyssey Trailmix pedals.

If I were to be trading … I’d want to see photos before hand to have a sense in what condition it is in. But I am looking to trade for one of the following:

[B]- Kris Holm KH29 (2009 or 2008) + cash for me

  • Kris Holm KH24 (2009 or 2008) + cash for me[/B]

If I were to be selling … this is what I’d looking to get:

Canadians: $900 OBO + shipping

Americans: $770 OBO + shipping (since the dollar is always changing, I want what is equivalent to $900 CAD)

If your interested in some pictures, let me know, I’ll get some for you … or I might post some here in the next while.

If your interested, you can send me a private message or e-mail me at isaac.a.steiner@gmail.com.



Hey Issac, not to burst your bubble, but UDC has that same unicycle, brand new, with option choices for $845 and their S & H is cheap. Used unis generally get 2/3 of new, so…

So why are you selling it anyhow?

Nurse Ben,

I looked at UDC and UDCanada, and from their prices, I thought mine sounded quite reasonable. Then there is also tax. I think my prices are reasonable. I also added “OBO” so I am open to offers as well…


I’ll trade it to you for my Coker BigOne with a T-7 handle and 114mm QU-AX cranks:P just kidding, but if you want I will do it. I think Darren Bedford sells them for 900$ CAD, it might be more but I cant see the price list here:(

No i just checked and there $930 CAD on Bedford

Interested! Check PMs.

PM responded :slight_smile:


I guess your price is okay, maybe we get a better deal down south cuz shipping is cheap and there’s no tax on-line. I just prefer new if it’s only a matter a few dollars, esp with support and warranty.

I’m looking at getting one for riding gravel paths and dirt roads, something faster than a 29er or my current muni stable. So why sell it? Are you going back to a more muni kinda riding?

I’m want to sell it because I find myself hardly ever riding it. So I rather have the money to spend on something else or to save it. And I’ve had both a Muni and a 29er, and I found myself riding both those more than I’ve ridden the KH36…


Isaac! Whats up? I say you should pick up a new KH handle and seat and see if you like it more. I know you are a trials and street guy but don’t you have the need for speed?


I don’t think the whole distance thing was for me. And I don’t really want to put more money into it. I’ve tried Russell’s T7 handle before, and it was nice, but like I said, I don’t think distance is for me.


That’s what I thought, too. But now I ride it on almost any trail I ride the 29er on … Not as well, maybe. I still think my 29er is my fave ride–if I could only have one, that’s the one–but the KH36 is one capable machine.

Hells yeah! I bought it mainly for racking up the miles, with a bit of dirt riding, and I’ve ridden it probably 70-80% off road. It goes everywhere! And it just roooooolllllllllssss right over most any obstacle. With stronger leg muscles, I could take this thing pretty much anywhere.

Anyone interested?


Price drop

$800 cad / $713 usd - obo


Does this uni have the 125/150 dual holes or just 125s?


less than 200km :astonished:
that’s a brilliant deal IMO, honestly, my 36er has well over 500 miles on the computer, and I’ve had it since the end of last year

Can you find out the shippiung cost to U.S., zipcode 90717? I think I may buy it.