Feeler: 2006 Kris Holm KH20


So I just got this about 2 months ago on the forums, thinking it would be cool to have 2 trials unis. But, I think it is kinda over the top and would rather have money to spend on something else.

Anyway, what you would get is:

  • 2006 Kris Holm KH20 Wheel
  • Almost new Echo Supa Trials Tire 20x2.5" (Used for about 5 hours on a bike)
  • 2004 Kris Holm KH20 Frame (Black) or 2005 Kris Holm KH20 Frame (Blue)
  • Snafu Pedals
  • Kris Holm Fusion Street Saddle (Black)

So you get an option of a 2005 Kris Holm Frame or a 2004 Kris Holm frame.

I am asking $375. You pay shipping.

I got it tuned up from Darren a few weeks ago. So nothing is missing.

Remember this is a FEELER. So I am not sure I will sell, but if I can sell it, I maybe will.

It is a really nice unicycle.



Except one pin in the pedal :slight_smile:

Again, If I had any money right now…

Nice uni.

Isaac do you know off hand the weight difference for the 20 inch kh steel and the 20 inch kh alu?

edit: that is, the 2005 blue one.

Haha, right. Well you got me, other than the 1 missing pin, nothing else is missing.

Hi Levi, sorry I don’t know the exact weight difference. But when I picked them both up in each hand you could tell that it is some heavier, but it has an amazing crown for crown tricks. Are you intrested in the uni Levi?


im interested in buying the Al frame. how much.

(assuming my parents let me)

Sorry, but I don’t really want to part.

Well essentially I really want to get a trials as I’m sure you know. I can’t really in good conscience afford it at the moment, but this is a good deal (especially for me and my proximity) and I do trust you.

But yeah I can’t get it… I think I would rather the alu frame though.

Okay, no problem.

If anyone else is interested , you can reply in thread, PM me, or add me to MSN, uni.dude@hotmail.com.


bump, now comes with black quax frame and shaved tire, or echo supa trials. $350

picssssss i want a pic of the whole set up…

my new job is helpin me out. :slight_smile:

There, just like that.

So, thats what your selling now? does it still have cf base?

pff no, I just got the CF base for my other one…not selling it now.

well nevermind then hahai was really gonna bu it if you inclueded the cf base.

Yeah I just got a CF Base and now I am going to sell it, I don’t think so, plus you already have a CF Base.

If im going to buy a whole new uni, im going to want a cf base.

I dont feel right riding a plastic anymore.

Yeah me either, so why not you just put your CF on this uni?

maybe cause i dont switch parts out all the time…just ride whats there…

how big is the wheel?