Feeler: 08 KH frame (like new!)


I’m thinking of selling my 08 KH frame to fund for a longneck.

It’s in mint condition, there is only one very dull black mark up near the crown, I didn’t notice it until I was looking up really close.

Price: $150 CAD

Price does not include shipping.

I will post photos in a little bit probably.


Any ideas on how much shipping to the US would be?

Looks like $18.22 to Iowa.

I’m guessing that would be max, I think if I took it to the post office, they would give me the exact amount. So I’m going to say anything under $18.22.


I’ve decided I’m not going to sell it at this point. I’m still not quite big enough for a longneck frame, so you might see this down the road, but at this point … I am going to keep it.


How tall are you?

Almost 5’3" :sunglasses:

If you were referring to wait until I fit a longneck, I meant like for street and trials, because right now, I could ride it no problem, but for SIF, it would be tricky.


Yah, you probably are a bit to short. I’m around 6 foot and its just below the right height for me.

I’m 5.64 (172cm) and it works perfect for me :wink: I could still lower the seat about 7cm.

Its all personal preference.

still available? any pics?