[feeler] 07 KH20 Frame

I’m thinking of selling my 07 KH20 frame and was wondering if anyone had any good offers or any idea of what it should be worth.

The paint is a little scratched up and the are a bunch of scratches on the left bearing cap from crank grabs.

I can remove the paint for no extra charge if requested. It will come with the seatpost clamp.

Right now, I’m thinking of selling it for about CDN$150.

can u tell me how much cost is dollars please??

I’m realy interesed


At the current exchange rate $150 CAD is almost $430 ARS. I haven’t figured out shipping yet.

Also, I prefer to ship either to Canada or the US. But I may make other considerations.

Also also, in case it went unnoticed, this is just the frame.

So, yeah, I’m just going to say $150 CAD or best offer. Canada and US. you pay shipping.

Personally, $150 seems like a bit much. For it’s condition.

Bedford will sell a brand new 08 KH frame for $175.

It looks pretty tough condition…


i was in the market for one just like this a little while ago. i would have taken it off your hands but now im broke. :frowning:

i think 100USD would be a better price.

I figured as much.

I’m willing to drop to 100USD or 120CAD