Feel like I've plateaued, new discipline time?

So I’ve been riding for something like 3 or 4 years now, mostly muni, and it’s been ages since I’ve learned a new skill.

The other day though, I was messing around on my bike trying to learn how to bunny hop with flats, and feel like I kind of rekindled a fire that’s been gone for a while. It was fun.

Now it’s got me kind of wondering if trying to pick up a new style of unicycling wouldn’t be a bad thing. For a long time I loathed trials, flatland, and street, but maybe it’s time to give that type of riding a shot. I can’t Muni everyday, but I can mess around in the yard every night and take a 20 to work.

Anyone else experienced this feeling?

Dude Killian, youre still on your existing discipline. We’re still waiting for you to do that century ride. Focus will ya? Focus. Go spend some overnighters in that shack, may the force find you and be with you…

…so get it done on your long riding summer!:D;)

I have those thoughts sometimes, but then I go out on a hard Muni ride and forget all about them. Muni is too much fun! :slight_smile:

On your other thread, you say you have “too many” unicycles, but actually it sounds like you are missing a good 20 or 19.

Giant unicycles like the ones you have, -meant for conquering vast distances or frozen mountaintops- are really cool, and I love to ride them, but new skills can be acquired so much more easily on a 20" wheel. Riding backwards, one-footed, SIF, hopping up and down the stairs- all these skills would probably make muni even more fun. A 20 is also concealable, so if you had one, you could potentially do a lot more riding at times and places where you couldn’t imagine it right now. You say you could take a 20 to work with you. If you work in a place that has a loading dock, a few ramps and stairways and maybe a nice vacant lot next door, with predictable blocks of downtime when the boss isn’t around…

If all I had was my 29, I’m not sure I would have had the guts to learn SIF riding -at first it frightened me even on a 20- but now I like to do SIF figure-8s on my 29, and also SIF to rest my crotch if I’m on a 20-mile ride and don’t want to stop and rest.

Definitely get into some tricks. The feeling of landing a new trick is amazing. Muni is exhilarating but street/flat tricks enable you to practice anywhere anytime even if you only have 20mins

Get a 20"!

You’ll stop wondering if you’ve plateaued, because there will always be another, well-defined skill to develop. Measuring progress can be tricky while MUni-ing, but it is more clear-cut with freestyle skills.

Practicing on a 20" makes you socially more accessible to others. You’re not just blowing by them on your way to a long ride, or hiding on some mountain slope. Stop and smell the flowers, so to speak, and you may attract some admirers. They may even want to take up unicycling.

Are you an attentionwhore with your 20 incher?:p:D

Sure!, you can. You still can be socially accessible , and at the same time smell the Springtime flowers and weeds on a slightly or much bigger wheel on your long trek to a peaceful, lonely mountain top hideout. Sure, plenty of admirers will admire that. And if not, so what, who cares?..:p:D

Yes, 'tis true…unfortunately, I wouldn’t get much attention from anyone on the forum…my skills are modest…mostly I get the attention of dogs and small children…there’s something fun about challenging people’s expectations when they see a unicyclist…makes me want to pull the seat out the back or hop a curb.

(sorry for the jack thread, once again, i just have a really bad habit, many times it goes unrealised and unintentional until it’s reread : )

Though i do want to make it clear that im always fascinated and admired to those older taking up the twenty incher and devoting their discipines on doing tricks. For me, skills on the 20" is limited. It irritates my one nagging knee. I only find myself getting hurt, a near sprained ankle and wrist, when doing new tricks. So i figured, i would give up my dreams on it . Because i figured in the long run its better for me. Because for me anyway, i am near certain, one bad injury would be the end of my riding. So i end up devoting, my niche, my time to muni.
And at the current moment, the giraffe is so awesome to ride, but really, it is kicking my butt when i go to freemount it. And still, i will not give up : )

For Killian, sure take up more skills. The easiest and most practical way to do it is obviously on the 20 incher. Do it before you become and old fart, and your body cannot afford to, or cannot afford wasting breath to argue with spouse : )

And now I’ll put on a fresh adult diaper, put a couple of Ensures in to chill, and go work on wheel walking for a while. :wink:

UDC put up a demo KH trials they had today for under $400 bucks and I bought it. Couldn’t pass up the deal since after talking with Josh, it was nearly new.

Guess it’s time to look at myself and realize I might end up being one of those 20" riding hippies. Jesus wept.

Learning street/flatland/trials is very satisfying and will help your muni skills.



Is a 20" riding hippy a common thing?

I was so tempted when I saw it… :slight_smile: