Feel like I'm veering to the right


Yesterday I got my new 24" KH (:slight_smile: ), but when I’m riding it I feel like I’m constantly trying to correct a lean to the right.

When on my 20" I think I was doing the same, but it’s more noticeable on the 24.

I don’t know if it’s psychological or not, but I just feel like if I didn’t lean to the left then I would be going in a generally rightwards direction!

Anyone got any advice? I know my saddle is straight.

make sure the bottom of your fork are tightened evenly i had this problem recently after i replaced my tire . I was leaning to the right, then i looked around and those two bolt/screws on the bottom were not even i readjusted them yesterday and now its is fine hope this helps

Aah, I never even considered that. I didn’t make the effort to make sure they were equally tightened so that’s probably it. Got to head out now but I’ll make sure they’re even and see if that helps. Thanks!

I had the same problem for quite awhile. There is some pretty good advice in this thread…

Leaning Left

If you look in the mirror you will notice that you’re actually leaning to the left.

Are you riding on crowned roads on the right hand side? This tends to make you lean right and therefore turn right. Are you OK on a completely flat surface like a tennis court or parking lot?

It’s probably something that you’ll get used to/correct just with more time on the uni. I had a similar thing when I went from my KH24 to KH29; I basically always “lead” with my left shoulder when I ride, but when I went to a larger wheel size, it exaggerated things. I’ve gotten used to it now, and accept it as part of the way I ride. I do find that it’s worse when I ride on the road (which is not often) than when I ride singletrack, fwiw.