Feel it in Your Heart-Flatland and Street

My fall video. It marks just over two years of riding.

Abandon-Feel it in Your Heart

Nice vid and great riding…

Dude are you kidding me??? Only 2 years? I liked the late outflip (one of my personal fave tricks) and overflip down from baywalk very nice. Dude your definitely going to be an amazing rider for sure.

hahahaha I love this kid! :smiley: Bro your riding is so clean (: I really like the flips coming out of you! I liked the overflip from baywalk was really creative :smiley: Your combos too! You’re pulling moves Krisz and Eli do, man! Props!! :smiley:

VERY good stuff, man. I’m glad you do all of your tricks so clean, I can see it’s starting to become a habit for you (which is awesome). 1:09 is sick, and the revflip looks so crisp (for lack of a better term :p).

Keep it up, dude, this is really great for just two years riding.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the positive feedback everyone! It’s very encouraging.