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TOP 5 Favourite Unicycle Tricks

Hey everyone, I just uploaded a new video to the YouTube and was looking to see if anyone could spare a moment to give feedback. I’m hoping to expand the sport more and get more people interested as well as get more riders deeper into the sport. If there’s anything you personally would want to see as a unicyclist in terms of videos, let me know. I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you :slight_smile:


You know that you can directly display the video by pasting the video URL on an empty line :slight_smile:


I’d never seen the Uni-Whip before and have to say that is seriously impressive!

Great video by the way.

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First of all I think it’s great that you’re taking the time to increase the community and help other people learn.
For myself, I only just started just over 9 months ago and with a very very limited spread of unicyclists here in the Netherlands, the only way I can get my information to learn is through the internet. Videos on Instagram, Youtube and such are the best source of info (and motivation).

Therefore I tend to analyze how the better riders perform certain moves (whether it’s a trick, a muni drop, a trial jump, or whatever) and what setup they prefer, and compare that to my own performance.
Especially the setup used by the better riders is a very helpful source of information. So my first suggestion would be to do a video on a “bike check”.
Knowing what tire size, type, pressure, cranks, pedals, shoes, saddle, frame, etc you are using provides potential leads of where to look for when a certain move is not working as wanted.

For example: Doing a skatebowl drop-in with a 19" trial tire with 25psi and 140mm cranks with steel pins will create a completely different experience as using a 24" street tire with 50psi and 120mm cranks with plastic pedals. So learning what equipment is best used for certain styles / tricks is immensly important for someones progression :wink:

For the rest, what really helps me learning any new skill is breaking it down completely and knowing where to put pressure, balance, feet, hands, etc… If you look closely at properly shot videos of riders performing that skill well you usually can get that info from there, but it’s a lot harder than simply being told of course :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s a neat trick!

I learned unicycle during the 2010s and it was awesome to see the tricks progressions from riders all around the world.
The discipline is still fairly young and we were seeing new figures, new records, etc.

Welcome to the community man! Yeah unicyclists feel pretty far here too in North America. I often times wish there were more people out there riding :stuck_out_tongue: I hope to make beginner based tutorials soon.
But I’ve also thought about making videos based on picking unicycle parts, some ideas I’ve had were:
Crank sizes, Tires 101, Unicycle Frames, Saddles, What Unicycle Should You Buy For Each Discipline etc etc…

I appreciate the feedback, I will keep these ideas in mind!


I have no idea about your knowledge on all the disciplines, but you seem to be mainly focused on street riding. If you’re going to talk about parts in relation to all the disciplines, you might risk making the subject much bigger and therefore less interesting for a viewer (information overload).
Personally I really don’t care about parts for track racing for example, so if you’d start talking about those I might just skip the whole video :stuck_out_tongue:

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I second the part about breaking things down into minutiae. Your videos have a tendency to explain the trick in 20 seconds and say things like, “if you can ride forwards you can ride backwards”. When you’re a beginner that’s far from the case. In my own case probably at least another 10 hours of practice away.

From the standpoint of a newb, we need every little aspect of how to do it explained.

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I think here is where you might find yourself alienating either individuals or companies if you’re not careful about how you present your opinions.

May I ask what you mean by alienating individuals or companies? I am aware that unicycling is a pretty intimate community, so I will have to be careful about personal opinions. But I plan on being as objective as I can be with parts and just to state facts and acknowledge personal preferences I and other riders have.

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That makes total sense ^^ I think you’re right there for sure - if I do make videos reviewing unicycles and parts then it should definitely be for the specific discipline I’m experienced in. I definitely am only talking about the urban disciplines that I am very familiar with. Street and Flatland are my main disciplines. When I say disciplines I really only mean street, trials and flat :stuck_out_tongue:
I appreciate the feedback man!

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That’s a really decent view point. I’m definitely a little detached there for sure, it’s been so long since I learned to ride fakie so it’s been taken for granted. Something I didn’t even think about :stuck_out_tongue: With this video in specific I wanted to make it more quick and entertaining and less of a tutorial and more of an entertaining video for some guidance. I do plan on making these sort of videos that will go in depth and get specific on the certain tricks for sure. How to Ride Fakie is on my list of videos to do!

Thank you for the input Duff, this is why I really need the feedback haha :slight_smile:

Yeah so it’s just ensuring that you are as unbiased as possible, and you avoid saying anything that cannot be backed up with evidence.

Even saying “personally I like/ride x or y brand” is tricky if you’re aiming for unbiased videos covering all manufacturers and products.

To me this should only matter if you’re sponsored by one of them. If that’s not the case, then there’s nothing wrong with expressing your opinion, even if you like the brand only because of the logo design :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aaah yes yes. Yeah I honestly don’t plan on gaining a uni sponsorship, but if I did then I would totally have to play it safe for sure! I originally thought you meant just mentioning certain parts or brands in general.