February Ride in Mesa/Phoenix


I’ll be in Mesa for the week of Feb 18 and plan to bring my muni. Anybody down there that might want to go for a ride or two while I’m down? I’m on my first year of riding, but I’m not too bad.

Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions for a good beginner/intermediate trail near Apache Wells?

The Arizona Muni weekend is Feb 15-18 - starting with basketball Friday night and rides Sat, Sun, and Monday morning.

Hopefully more details will be posted on http://arizonaunicycleclub.com/ or on their Facebook page.

If you can’t make it, here are some suggestions:

  • Hawes - I haven’t ridden Muni there, but one of my favorites on 2 wheels
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve - Gateway trailhead - I rode Bell Pass last year - great views and mostly rideable both up and down.
  • Phoenix Mountain Preserve - I’ve only biked these trails, but it’s all very rideable
  • South Mountain - tons of trails, some very technical, some relatively easy. Desert Classic is relatively easy and enjoyable. National Trail is a challenge for the best riders.

:astonished: NO WAY!! It’s like I knew somehow…

I will be arriving on the Saturday so that’s no go. On Sunday we’re planning on the Renaissance Festival, so that probably won’t work either. Guess it’ll be Monday morning! Thanks for letting me know, now I’m looking forward to this trip even more!

I had originally posted this as a reply in the News and Events section, but I know it doesn’t get much traffic. I apologize in advance if I’m about to do a big no-no.

I’m really looking forward to the AZ muni weekend! This will be my first chance to ride with anyone. We are coming down from Calgary, AB to visit my grandparents, and happened to choose the correct week to do so. Lucky timing!

While my grandparents do have a vehicle that I could probably use to get to the rides, it would leave them and my wife and kids without while I’m gone. I’m hoping there is someone who lives nearby, or will be driving by, that is willing to stop and pick up a lonely Canadian rider.

I will be staying in Apache Wells (North Nicklaus Drive to be exact). I’d be willing to help out with some gas money, or maybe even bring down a [bag/package/other unit] of [insert item that is available in Canada, but not down there].


Oh, bummer. That weekend just isn’t going to work; my company is moving into a new building starting right after that, and there will be a million things to do to be ready. The following weekend we will move the network and phones, and presumably all the “stuff” except furniture. Then supposedly on the following day, it will all work. Gulp.

Hope you all have a great Arizona MUni Weekend!