February NUTS??

Hi there all you NUTS attending unicyclists, just wanting to know what the plans are for february nuts, any updates will be grately appreciated.
There was some talk of preston or blackpool or chorley but i dont think it was decided.
Anyways any info will be great because i really want to attend this one. pm me with details if you want. Thanks :smiley:

My votes manchester

we should arrange it i know a few people who would come along with us all

My votes manchester

we should arrange it i know a few people who would come along with us all

yeah i might be able to convince the parents into letting me go to manchester. Manchester might be pretty good. They have that big skatepark aswell.

I live in sheffield so manchester isn’t too far away. Has anybody got any more details?

hey NUTTERS, I almost missed this thread, I rarely check the new posts.

anyways, Im hard saving for UNICON and other holidays/excersions I have planned :wink: but if im free on the date you guys arange, ill try and make it…

love and NUT kisses :wink:


How about saturday 23rd February, two weeks time, its the last saturday in february. We need a place aswell, i know manchester has a good skatepark but ive never been there so we would need somebody from manchester there. So how does the 23rd sound to everyone?
feel free to pm me and we will sort a date and place out. I’ll talk to dale next time he is on msn about it.

Saturday 23rd sounds good. I’d prefer sheffield as I live there but if manchester is better for everyone then thats fair enough. I could always catch a train.

Ill be there, should be good.

The big skatepark (central)

is £8 a day i think.

However theres a smaller one called Projekts MCR

for skateboards / skates only, however they have let unicyclist’s in the past and also said today they would let unicyclist’s in as they dont take up so much space.

And thats only £2 for a day.

But i could do to get some new bearings before then ://

okay then, i think its agreed that its going to be manchester on the 23rd february. Yeah projekts mcr sounds good, we need to find out who is all going to be there. So please post in here if you are going to be able to attend. We need a meeting place and time aswell.

I should be able to come. I’ll be catching a train from sheffield. I’ll be coming with a couple of people who skateboard and maybe another unicyclist. Any idea of what time we’ll be meeting? I’d have thought about 11am would be a good time to meet.

Yeah about 11am sounds good maybe 10am if possible get an extra hour in. i dont know if i will be coming with anyone. i will have to leave at about 5pm at the latest i think because i have plans at around 7pm. I will probably getting a train to piccadilly station which is right near projekts mcr skatepark so maybe we should meet at the station?

sorry for the double post, just realised projekts mcr skatepark doesnt open until 12pm which means it will be a couple hours of street session before we go into the park.

10 sounds good, and ill be there for sure (Y)

Anyone fancy pming me with there name and number incase im late?

And where abouts at picadilly station? right outside the front entrance?

yeah front entrance sounds good, i’ll pm you now. i will check train times aswell. Anyonelse coming? so far it looks like 3 of us.

sorry for double posting again, im sorting it out with my parents now so i have to keep postin new stuff. They dont want me to go on my own so i will probs try and bring a couple of mates just so you all know. Does anyone know if porjekts mcr lets bmxers in?

im afraid projekts MCR dont, its a fairly small park so they dont allow them in.
shame theres only three, surly there usually more interest?

Trains I can catch arrive at 9:31 and 10:31. Could we meet at the main entrance to the train station at about 10:30 instead of 10?

Also will we definately be allowed into the skatepark on unicycles? If people travelled to manchester to find out we’re not allowed in it would’nt be good.

Well, when i spoke to them on wednesday they were up for letting unicycles in, maybe if you email them? or send them a myspace message?

yeah we can meet up for 10.30, i might still come at 10 and just ride around out front of the station. Should be a good day, im sure even without the skatepark we will find a lot to ride.