February 26, 2009


So I was able to ride again and made a short video. It was quite a bit of fun, except I’m sore now.




Watch in high quality





Vimeo soon.

Dang you Isaac!

Make longer videos. I love your videos.
Just kidding.

Great riding. Your 5spins are really clean. Keep it up!


Way better than the other one :wink:

I believe if you catch the 5spin earlier it will look a bit cleaner… And it’s already is!

Keep it up! And make a longer video :wink:

Wait so you don’t like his videos or want them to be longer :thinking: :smiley:

Nice vid btw.

No, just kidding when I said Dang you Isaac! I wasn’t actually mad.

Thanks Colby. I’m definitely going to have a longer video in the spring when I can go anywhere to ride, but in the winter it’s pretty limited.

Thanks Pedro. Maybe I’ll work on catching the 540s sooner, sometimes I can catch them pretty funny, should have seen my first 5spin ever :wink:

Like I said to hungry4uni, I will definitely make a much longer video in the spring.

Thanks for the comments guys,


Nice video man…
But too many flashes from 14:00 to 21:00 you could cut out that part :wink:

why do you drive without rolos?

I dunno about the video, but I wanted to hear the rest of the song :slight_smile:

Great little video. Bit of snow there eh.
I liked the seat drop.