February 16, 2009


I finally got a chance to ride outside today, actually it was the first time for 2009.

So I made a short video, it’s nothing special, but I had a pretty good time.

I’m really excited for spring time, so expect a video then. Probably with Jordan Barkey, and Jacob Reesor. We’ll see.

Enjoy, and if you want, comments are appreciated.







EDIT: Vimeo coming soon

I wish there was more than a 180 flip, a crankflip, and a few hops :frowning:

I was looking forward to something a lot better than this. Still cool I guess.

YES! Go Isaac! Hope to loads more videos from you!

how are you sponsored?

this vid was not impressive at all.

… no comment -.-


No offence.

Better step it up in the spring or im gonna steal your uni and give you a sun classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sponsoring is not a result of just skill :smiley:

Nice video which shows how big fun it is to ride after a long time of snow and ice. It shows good feeling, not black belt riding :wink:

Easy for you guys to say when you can ride all year long. I haven’t ridden my trials uni since November 08. Plus, it’s not very much fun to ride outside in -2C.

Here is my vimeo channel >>> http://vimeo.com/user330495 [my sponsorship request vid is in there]

As for the comments from Jeremy R, UniKid2, Olaf, and Émile … Thanks :slight_smile:


nice vid isaac

but i have seen better hops and tricks of you :roll_eyes:



Cool video, keep it up :).

Yeah, the riding in the vid wasn’t the greatest because I was only riding for like 25 minutes, and didn’t have anything to hop up or anything, but thanks Raphael :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. The other week we had like -26C and like anywhere from 3ft - 7ft of snow.

I will attach a photo from a month or so ago…


issac is right all the other guys hating him on the video most likely the people hating have not so harsh weather. issac nice riding its been like +3 here(near toronto) i havent been doing any trials just 36ering.

Not bad, can’t wait to see your progression in the coming months.

I was waiting more, but I understand that the snow sucks for you guys in the north :frowning:

Can’t wait to see you next videos :wink:

PS: I want your reel!!! I think I would enjoy flipping over it :stuck_out_tongue:

Not true in my case. Im sure he know I was joking about my comment too. Stealing, smiley faces, sun classic unicycles. Im not sure how anyone could take that too serious.

haaa, sun classic.

I wasn’t joking though. Sorry if its harsh… but, you just can’t expect everyone to say, “omg insane vid, teh uber skilzorz”, for all your vids. I mean come on dude, that 360 was sketchier then some 540s you’ve done before, why put it in a vid?

And I’m not even a trials rider… so on vids where I have nothing posative to say and no tips to give, I just say whats on my mind.

Sweet, thaws are awesome, we just got a huge thaw as well, not quite as warm as you but still nice. Unfortunately I have either been working or sick for the whole thing so far.