fear is your only god

I just discovered a cunning new way to make yourself ride harder. Use of irrational fear. Especially good on solo night-rides.

Last week I went for a night ride and as I was coming up a hill through the woods there was a noose hanging off one of the trees across the path. Now this sh*t me up, but I got closer and actually it was just a bit of a plant hanging down from a tree that looked like that. But it didn’t half make the pitch dark woods a bit more scary and I bombed up that hill very very fast.

So, remembering this, on yesterdays ride, I got to the bottom of the hill feeling pretty tired, but I found that if I pretended that there might be a scary axe murderer running up the path behind me, I couldn’t half ride fast to the top.

Also, I rode for 3 hours 30 and knew I’d only have about that much light, it just started fading on the last downhill and damn did I ride that fast. But again, the fear of being lost in the woods beeing able to see nowt really helped my riding, I cleared a downhill that I’ve never quite managed before at top speed.

So there you go, fear, sometimes it can be useful.


Pedaling around a park in New Orleans, Gregio, Lewis and I happened on a 2 foot hank of hair tied to a tree. What’s with that?



That’s interesting, I ride faster when I’m only concentrating on the track and what my line’s going to be this way I’m in control. If I’m not in control (not concentrating), I can go as fast, but I fall off pretty soon.