Favourite videos in the unicyclist gallery

Can you tell me your favourite unicycle videos in the gallery?
I want to see the best uni-trial videos available.

This should be a link to some Ryan Atkins videos- this man can ride and has (I believe) the highest hop in the world! Enjoy!

mUNIac is my favorite online unicycle movie, ever.

but then again, this one is just too totally awesome to skip:
(that one’s mine)

And there are a lot of good ones on insane.unicyclist.com. Click on Videos.

I have a load of videos in my gallery.

There are some old(ish) ones, but im uploading some new ones soon.
They are of me (mostly), and some of Simon and Yoggi.

encoded with DivX
Joes Trials Videos


Anything from insane.unicyclist.com is pretty awesome in my opinion.

browse around the stuff in our gallery (link in signature). the videos in there are old and new, plus there are videos randomly spread out within the events folder. in the near future there will be a new video, hopefully.

One of my favorite videos is Keven McMullin’s Street Unicycling Video. Kevin goes by Tugboat here in the forum.

Kevin’s street unicycling video gallery

i put that video up a long time ago. my new gallery is http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus80 …the first video is pretty much the same except with legal use of music. plus theres some more pretty good tricks in there. thanks for referring them to my video john. peace, Kevin

Kevin’s movies are my favorite. He flys over steps like there’re nothing.

Too Right!

Wicked work Kev! Your stuff rocks!


thank you very much. i’m filming with jeff groves this weekend for his video. so make sure to chekc that out when its released.