Favourite unicycle type

This thread is a thread where we discuss the best unicycles and the foavurites of anyone from beginner to expert

Nimbus Eclipse!


UDC 36. Cheap and solid. Been on some pretty rocky/rooty/steep bike trails and its held up well, although I end up in a bucket of sweat!

The best unicycle has one wheel and two cranks.

My favorite unicycle has a seat.

I am also from beginner to expert.

Oh, and my trusty KH20. Never missed a beat.

Muni uni’s!

You first!

Whatever one I’m riding :slight_smile:


Yeah, but girls are fickle. :slight_smile:

Haha Scott ttocs, our prerogative and if I said 36er then size matters :smiley: so…

my favourite is probably my nimbus trials with kris holm cranks and hub

My 2 favourite uni’s are:

  1. KH26 muni with 2.5 Tioga tyre and Nimbus Gel saddle & 150mm/125mm dual hole cranks
  2. 20" QU-ax QX long neck with hookworm tyre.

We should be including photo’s :slight_smile:

Giraffe: Schwinn
Regular 24": Miyata or Nimbus II
Ultimate Wheel: UDC
BC Wheel: Bedford
MUni: Wilder or KH
Trials: KH
Learner: Anything without tricycle parts
Coker: Coker Big One
Big Wheel (over 36"): The Unicycle Factory
36": KH/Schlumpf custom built by Silva Cycles with Nimbus Stealth handle and custom powdercoat, metallic red! :slight_smile:

Geared 28" triton/kh with racing tire and t-bar :slight_smile:

Favorite uni

The whole family…

Favourite when conditions are good (clear roads / trails, etc) is a 36er. Mine is a UDC 36, so slick tyre (“Wheel TA” / Qu-Ax-style). I got Roger at UDC UK to squeeze a 29er tube in there for lightness and I’ve since added a T7 handlebar and associated goop (cyclometer, bottle cage, lights, bar end “drop bars”…).

Favourite for general purpose use is a UDC 29er, which now has a Kenda Klaw tyre, T7 Handlebar, bottle cages, lights, cyclometer and a brake (currently disconnected).

The 29er is easier to ride on busier roads / paths, easier to mount, easier to transport and much lighter. It doesn’t have the fantastic smoothness of the 36 but makes up for it in controllability. When I wanted to uni to work recently I took the 29er because the control is much easier. I’ll have to work up to using the 36 in due course.