favourite street obstacles?

so, every spring, I make something kool I can use in the summer. Last year I made a grind rail, because I was new to unicycling and I was dying to try and grind, so having one helped me do so. I love clearing stairsets, so I was thinking of building a 4 set with handrail tucked away in my yard. what is your favourite street prop so I can take that into consideration. Thanks.

manny pads. 1, 2, or 3 revs is a lot of fun. Just do a trick up one side, ride across, and do a trick off the other side. Awesome.

that would be pretty sick, I almost forgot 'bout manny pads. at my local skatepark there is a manny pd, then a higher one, then a lower one right after, the summer now seems so distant I forgot how much fun I had on that thing.

Big sets! I really suck at street apart from doing big sets and big gaps:p

If you are building it you might even consider a banked manny pad. That way you’ll have to different heights to work with and a lot of variations for tricks on the slope, like riding up into a trick and then rolling back off.

Thanks. at what angle is recommended for something like that?

I’d say about 10°.

Flat rails, grinding ledges, flat handrails, hubbas, walls(wallplants), manny pads AND skinnies

picnic tables ftw! there r endless trick ideas and combos with somthing like a picnic table. u will probably c wat i mean once i finish my next video. i use picnic tables so often

I’ve got a picnic table in my backyard, and you are right, they are loads of fun.

Picnic tables are best when they are grindable. If you get one, make sure it is that. Manny pads are also a good idea, but all it takes is a couple of pallets. stairsets can also be made of pallets. You already have a skinnie to ride on (your grind rail), but I don’t know if it matches a full revolution or two in length. I’d make something along the lines of the thing that dan Heaton grinds and gaps at about 3:22 in Defect.

my grind rail is almost 3 revolutions, so i’ve never thought of it as a skinny

Cool, I wish I had a grind rail that long. Or just any grind rail. (not handrails).
But you don’t need to ride it from the start. You can just hop onto it one revolution from the edge. :):stuck_out_tongue:

hey, i sure enjoy it. better than trekking to the skatepark every day

I wish I had a skatepark to trek to. :stuck_out_tongue: