favourite seats

so whats everyones favourite seat brand and if you have a insane modified one post a picture

For MUni and distance, I like the KH.

For muni I like the KH, for trials I really like the miyata, with airseat, stiffener, Kinport and the works. I have yet to try out a viscount but I am planning on getting one soon.

I’ve ridden on Torker CX saddles and on the KH that comes with the Nimbus II. Guess which one is my favourite.

infact the CX seat makes great trials seat.

I want to like the KH, but so far haven’t been able to. My main experience with it is on my Summit trials, but there is just too sharp a curve for my liking. Things get all mashed up and it’s hard to rearrange on the fly before putting all my weight down.

So far, my favorite setup–which I have on both my muni and my touring 36–is a miyata-based airseat. Much less of a curve, much more comfy on the jewels. My muni seat I built mostly myself with help from the unicycle.com airpillow insert, the gemcrest CF base, a Roach nylon cover, and some old miyata foam I carved to help flatten out the lumps. My 36-er seat is a similar concept, with the same Roach cover, but flawlessly built up by U-Turn. I actually don’t know how the guts of it work as I don’t dare disassemble its perfection.

My favourite seat would have to be the CF Airseat I used to own. I spent a fortune on it and spent ages getting it just right (almost) and then it was lost to the theif who stole my MUni. It was fairly comfortable, absorbed bumps in a similar manner to the tire, and was totally rigid. I was able to yank on or push down on the Reeder handle as hard as I liked, and it would deliver extra power when I needed it. I like the KH seats (and have a couple) but they are just not as stiff- and the flex causes me to go easy on the handle, which is not very ideal. It’s been said that the newer seats are stiffer but I haven’t noticed a difference, or perhaps it is because I got a velo one instead of KH.

I’ll post a pic of my old favourite- Carbon fibre base with dogbone bag and 20" tube, with some foam on top and a gemcrest leather cover, reeder handle and kinport rear bumper. Underneath is a layer of tractor innertube then a Kinport rails adapter, and a Thomson seatpost.

cf airseat.jpg

The KH’s ar comfortable, but I am quite partial to the miyata. The KH seats curve up too drastically for me, and I always end up on the ground holding my crotch and moaning because I landed on a “soft spot” :wink: . The miyata seats are more level, allowing me for more “adjustment room”. The miyatas make better trials and street riding seats, but the KH has some applications as well. havent found any, but Im sure its good for something!

miyata, and viscount

CF miyata frame w/ Scott Wallis CF handle and bumper, gemcrest cover.

Also, mine has some little extra mods on it (ie: door edge guards, a sticker, thicker foam).

In the past, most of my seats have been modified. But since I got my Wilder about two years ago, I’ve ridden on the seat just the way it came. So for factory seats, KH is my #1.

Then Miyata.

But customized versions of good seats can make them even better. Probably my most comfortable seats are Miyata air seats. I’ve yet to try (or experiment with) the new KH Fusion saddle.

My Poopsaddletm

I WOULD post a pic but unfortunatly do not know how to reduce the image size.

I think you mean “Poopsaddle™”

To get the Trademark symbol, it’s ampersand, pound sign (tic-tac-toe), 1, 5, 3, semicolon.

Sounds stinky.

haha well, it doesn’t matter…it really isin’t trademarked it’s a united saddle with a kh handle attached with brown duct-tape.

haha does it work…? and my favorite is my Torker LX so i guess miyata


If I compare the saddles I know :
Viscount, KH, Qu-Ax for Muni, Myata, Koxx one Gel

I would say : Koxx One Gel first and then KH
The Viscount and the Myata are too hard, the QU-Ax (on the muni) is a little too wide and as the KH, too thick

The Koxx one gel is almost perfect for its curve, its wideness and its thickness

I’d like to try a koxx one gel for trials. I currently have a KH, and it fits me fine, but a smaller saddle would be nice. I’m gonna stick to my KH for MUni though. I like it, especially with my stiffener, which eliminates all traces of the KH’s weird bendyness.