Favourite Places to Unicycle

In all the places you have travelled to Unicycle be it Street, Muni or Trials unicycling where was/is your favourite place and why?

So far I enjoyed Edinburgh most, some great spots to session for street and trials and everyone seemed friendly and interested in what you were doing rather than the common reaction of “circus rejects” or “vandals”.

Where else do people like and recommend travelling to?

I have taken my unicycles and ridden it at…

1) My Hometown of Greenacre.
2) Sydney Point Tower.
3) Brighton Le Sands.
4) La Perouse.
5) Some shopping centres.
6) Kurnell Beach.
7) Large council parking lots.
8) Parks in my area.
9) Carnivals/Fetes/Parties.
10) Charity Runs.
11) Friends places.
12) Some other places as well also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Barcelona- trials.

enough said.