favorite youtube unicycle videos

Alright, this isn’t just a gallery of a bunch of cool videos. Post your favorite youtube videos, but try to keep it to one from each category.

The idea here is to come up with a few of the ‘best’ videos for demonstrating each of the different riding styles. It’s also nice to have this list so you can point out a few videos to someone who is investigating unicycling.

Right now my favorite street video is

made by Sam Haber.

is a classic example of feestyle.

I really like this trials video PaDSt3r put together.


This should probably have gone in the video forum. :slight_smile:

Anything with Dan Heaton in it.

^ Agreed. I like this one the best:

I also really like Kaori’s part in Defect


my favorite

Here’s my favorite UNI Vid on you tube.

You can buy the full Inner Balance movie here. I watch it all the time. It never gets old. http://www.just1wheel.com