Favorite weather?

What is your favorite terrain and conditions to ride in? I like to ride on warm to hot days on tight dusty trails. I also like to ride onroad and and on fire road in the snow or when it is cold. And my favorite is rideing in a rocky creek bed. So what do YOU like to ride in?

I like to ride in technical/steep off road tracks and I also like easy swervy trails on a 29er! Slippery mud can be very fun to on the 29er, sliding out cornering :smiley: I like to ride when its sunny, but overcast days are good to because you don’t get overly hot.

Rocky and technical with skies that look like this:


Packed dirt with roots, rocks, and short but steep hills. 55F (13C) is ideal. At first it’s on the edge of chilly with shorts and short sleeves, but very comfortable once I’m riding.

Currently I’ve got thick leaves on the trails and it’s in the 40’s and the snow will be falling before I know it. :angry:

I ride anywhere, and I like to ride anywhere in any condition. But for the weather, 15C and over is perfect IMO, I’d rather be sweating like hell than sweating in cold temperatures.

My favorite temperature is like 65-70ish degrees. I like the weather to be sunny, but with enough clouds that when i start to get sweaty the sun goes away and I can cool down for a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, for the terrain, any level surface. Unless I’m trying big tricks, then a flat patch of grass with a nice concrete or dirt runup.:slight_smile:

Colder the better, I’m so hot natured that riding in hot weather is really no fun for me though I’ll ride in whatever conditions if I must. Offroad, on road it’s all good, I just like having the time to get out and ride. Nothing beats endless miles of single track though. :slight_smile:

Funny this thread should come up today…I was out (in the car, shuttling mom and brother on some errands including a visit to the polls)…and it hit me like a brick: this is the perfect time to ride.

Temps in the low 50s/high 40s F…slight breeze…sunny with heavy clouds in the upper deck (similar to the pic Terry posted above). Late fall and early spring for me! I’d ride right through the winter if there wasn’t so much mucky snow/soot/crap to deal with.

(oh, forgot: strictly city streets for me)

I like riding in sunny weather at about 60-80 degrees. I like fall because I don’t get sweaty as easy but then I don’t like it because it gets darker and hour and a half earlier than it does in the summer. :sunglasses:
When riding flatland, I just ride on my street, or for big tricks my grass and in the winter I try to ride in my basement but I found a cool pavilion today that I’m going to try to ride in during the winter.

My favorite weather to ride in today is 72 and sunny.

Tomorrow it will be different.

for big street and trials i like 10-15 degrees celcius witha little breeze and sunny. but i also love riding at night so. i may even actually prefer riding at night now that i think about it

favorite terrain: single tracks, mildly technical, beautifuf scenery if possible
favorite weather: same as Muniaddict, clouds, mist (even fog) , could be stormy weather, the only possible time where I can withstand sun is at freezing temperatures.

Dark & gloomy above, rocky & rooty below, and 65 degrees in between. :sunglasses:

California weenie. (Says the S.F. native who moved away but still occasionally envies the weather. :wink: )

Actually, I prefer a little bit cooler, around 60-65F is perfect for me. My preference probably originates from the average temp in the city where I grew up, which tends to be cooler than the east bay.

You misunderstand me; my favorite weather to ride in is whatever the weather is today.

Of course, today it’s 72 and sunny again, but I also love riding in the cold and rain in the winter.

Haha, actually I did get it, but couldn’t resist poking fun. After all, it’s much easier to favor the day-to-day weather in Berkeley, CA, than most places! :slight_smile:
Still, I agree with the general idea of go out and ride and have fun, regardless of the weather. Carpe Uni Diem!

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the unicyclist from the total enjoyment of their appointed ride!” :smiley:
(And to my creditors…the check’s in the mail! :p)


I LOVE riding in brutal sunshine. I seem to ride in my prime in the blistering heat.