Favorite Videos to show to non-unicyclist

What are you favorite videos to show to non unicyclist? It must be downloadable via the internet. I am looking for something to put on my PSP to show friends at school. The more extream it looks the beter. I want to show kids that what I do is not Circus Like at all. Thank you
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Vener is a good one its in the gallery somewhere.


Street Motion by Xavier collos and Flip by Shaun J, both exhibit technical unicycling beyond belief.

The trailer for Universe I and II and Defect are also good ones. Don’t know where they are at though but probably in the gallery somewhere…

there is alot of good movies here

just put defect on there
i’m pretty sure there’s software out there to convert DVDs to PSP format, i mean i have Defect, The Collective, New World Disorder, etc on my iPod

Ottawa Trials Vid by Ryan Atkins, I’ve got that on my PSP at all times. (If you have a 1.50 unit, make sure to use PSP Media Player, and not the inbuilt media player, it restricts playback to 320*240)

I dont show non unicyclists uni vids normally but vener is the best to show probably.

To show uni Videos to non riders was one of the main reason why we start http://www.unicycle.tv
You also could download there if you think a little bit about :slight_smile:

Most of the Videos in this thread you could find there.

The new Koxx road trip vid. I think thats a great one to show to non-unicyclists.

Also the other French video is good, in my opinion :slight_smile:

I think theyre one of the best to show.

i just showed a girl the Justin Goof video today. She was pretty amazed. I really like that one because it has a lot of grinds and like show-offy stuff. I also think the ottowa trials would be good.