Favorite video clips

It might be a fun thread for people to post their favorite video clips; either their own, or their favorites that can be linked to online.

As I am getting my camera’s old clips finally integrated into my online photo albums, I have just put up one that is surely in my top five, if not #1 for unicycling. It’s Jess Riegel mapping out the day’s injuries on his body.

This clip was made in June 2004, during a visit by Ryan Atkins to the Sacramento area. Ryan spent his days with Jess and Zack Baldwin, ripping up the local Trials obstacles and riding on everything in sight. I joined them after work on one of those days, and they wore me out so much I atually bonked! This was shot a little while after a big crash Jess took on the Manzanita Trail in Auburn:


In the future I may set up separate albums just for videos. Right now I’m putting the videos into their corresponding albums. Remember, if you ever want to look at my pictures they can be found here (unicycling):

and here (everything):

Street As, by far. i converted it so that i can watch it on my mp3 player while riding, i have seen it at least a hundred times without exadurating

kevin mcmullins video is really cool.

This is my favorite video clip of me. Ouch.


Definitely Ryan Woessner’s performance at NAUCC. He just crams so much insane riding into so little time. Thanks to unicycle.2ya.com for their awesome movie gallery, and of course whoever shot this:


I’m also a huuuge fan of the japanese freestyle videos on the same site. They’re incredibly inspiring to an aspiring freestylist like myself. I only wish I had that kind of flow and form doing the things they’re doing.

http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43600&highlight=street+asstreet as

balls, as soon as i say that street as is my favourite i see this and my mind is blown. http://vids.koxx.fr/koxxone/Free-Style_road-trip/FREE-STYLE_K1_Road_Trip_2005_35Mo.wmv

i have never seen anything like it, the music adds alot to it too. does anyone know the name of the song or artist?

nothing to do wiyh uni but its awesome so sorry if you were trying to keep this all-uni.

:astonished: thats INSANE!!

I second asking about the name of the song. Anyone know it?

the beginning sounds like smokey and miho, but then its all tranced out. its eating away at me

The Koxx One video is amazing. So far some of the best videos are Freestyle! And the guys in that video are from Switzerland (at least Julien). Get ready for Unicon 13…