Favorite uni videos

Who is the unicyclist in this video? Since I first saw it months ago I must have watched it dozens and dozens of times. I love the music and watching the ride.

Next to bike TV’s New York Unicycle club video I’d say its one of my most watched. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwbTzibX7Wg

Which is odd because there are so many wonderful videos and I’m stuck on these two.

Yeah, I’ve seen it. Moderately interesting, especially to someone who thinks unicycling is just for circus street performers.

I bet you’d like this one as well. Kind of funny:)
Unicycle, Santa Claus drives Coker!

I know this guy. He is from Zürich, Swiss. You can contact him via the unicycle club homepage (www.1rad.ch). He is the webmaster and club leader.


Thanks, Christian. :slight_smile: I will contact him. Just wanted him to know that I love the video.

skilewis, Santa rides a coker. Who knew? It did make me laugh. He should take the reindeer out with him next time.

I’d love to see more funny and serious videos that many of you enjoy watching over and over and over.


short time ago, they had an television performence at dw tv (deutsche welle tv).

A producer had seen this clip …

… and invite them to this two pilot shows;


The ranking of vids I like to watch:
Muni and freeride (not many good ones though)
Not really interested in basic riding or very mild muni like the Santa one, but it was funny so I’d watch it again

You said before you didn’t have a lot of interest in doing dops and such. Is this the same for watching?

For me the more extreme the better. (for watching)

Many of my favorites:
Universe II
Training Wheel Not Required

Unicycle try-all X treme

Frogs: a Street Video


British Invasion

Most of Frank’s vids over a couple of minutes @ www.vanuni.com

All of Ryan’s vids @ www.vanuni.com

All of Andrew Carter’s vids

Most of Kris Holm’s vids on youtube

Most of Muzzle’s vids @ www.muzzle.co.nr

Looking forward to getting the following DVD’s:
Univers I, Union, Inner Balance, One Tired Guy, Unipsycho Extreme Unicycling, and Into The Thunder Dragon.
Not nessesarily in that order.

Some more:
Street Stuff
3rd Vid
All Girls Trials
Luke Collato’s vids


Man there’s a lot of good vids out there:D

Edit: Another one- Boing

[QUOTE=skilewis74All of Andrew Carter’s vids[/QUOTE]

That was his old one.

Here is his new one

How could I forget Ryan Atkins?!?!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand anything they were saying :wink: but enjoyed watching. I love the clip shown in the second link with them riding/ jumping in the snow.

Oh, no. I enjoy watching drops. Unless that is the whole video. Rather than difficult tricks or extreme riding, I like videos that have a story, good music, and/or a variety of riding. You’ve posted some nice ones. I’m watching now.

My favorite vid is from Dan Heaton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky-PM17bzRQ
and I love its music:)

my favorite vid is from

xavier collos

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jga10zt5yU4 :smiley:

i think itz the amazing’Z movie

Get the Inner Balance DVD, it’s great. Great variety of riding. Lots of great cokering. It’s fab. My all time favourite.