Favorite riding weather?

Well I was just outside riding in my favorite weather(a light mist and about 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and I was wondering what everyone else’s favorite riding weather is. I did a search and unless I didn’t search hard enough(I’m sure someone will find a thread like this somewhere) I didn’t find a thread like this so, what’s your favorite weather to ride in?

Skin blistering hot. :smiley:

But sometimes when its cool… I like riding at night aswell.

Dark, overcast, 62-68 degrees with humidity in the 40-50% range, , and NO SUNSHINE! I will not ride in the midday sun, or in temops higher than 75% if I can help it. And even in the ideal conditions as I stated above, I still always wear full spectrum 60 spf, long sleeve shirt, and sunglasses. :sunglasses:

I like to ride in the evening, when its still warm but the sun is starting to go.

I like to ride in small rain, especially doing MUni with all the mud and then it become all slipery which make the easy hill a little more challenging. Overall, everything is more intense while it’s raining…

But I still prefer riding in the morning, around 7-8 o’clock…

Very slightly damp cloudy and cold as ice is ideal. That never happens much for me though where I am. Thats why I am not riding much now because California in the summer sucks with 100+ days. :angry:

I live in Cal too, (Beach cities area of Los Angeles county) but even though the summer days peak in the trip digits, it’s perfectly cool and in the 63-65 degree range when I start riding at 6:30-7am. I get my 10 mile Mun done before it gest anywhere near even 75 degrees!

Plus where I ride the whole trail is heavily shaded by the thousands of tall oaks and other trees. Pretty much the perfect conditions. And starting early leaves the whole rest of the day open for work, etc.:smiley:

same for me (though may be with cooler temperature). I also love sunny with below freezing temperature and slightly stormy weather. I can’t withstand too much sun or humidity and summer temperatures. waiting eagerly for next riding season!

I like riding in below freezing temps, to the tripple digits, and everything in between.

If I could be picky though, id like a sunny day, tempurature around 40-60, and low humidity.

Then again, humidity doesnt matter too much, cause I sweat a lot, so no matter what, im going to be dripping sweat each time im riding. A lot of sweat…

So yeah, favorite weather would be temps of 40-60.

Dark night time about 70 degrees w/ some sort of light so I can actually see. I love riding in the rain but I hate how slippery my pedals get.

As long as it isn’t blistering hot I’m pretty much happy. I really enjoy riding in the winter with temps around -15 to 0 degrees C. Riding on the 36" in a slight drizzle on an otherwise warm summer day is also nice.

Cool, overcast, probably 15 to 20 degrees. I don’t tend to ride well in hot weather.

It can be a little too hot and humid in The South during the middle of summer…that’s about the only time I’ll neglect the mUni. I’ll stick to mountain biking then because at least the higher rate of speed puts some wind on ya.

Here you have to put on three down coats and two sets of insulated pants, along with a sock hat, a down hunter’s cap, two pairs of thick socks under fur-lined boots, ski goggles, and a hoodie before you can even think of going outside for more than a couple minutes.

Take off even one of those items and you become miserable very quickly.

When it’s not raining. Between freezing and 100 degrees F.

Stop complaining about the weather uniaddict. It’s been gorgeous these past few days, and I live out in the “hot” central valley! Sounds like you just need to get up earlier. Plus we don’t have winter (though I did see some remnants of snow on Mt. Diablo when I did my RTL qualifying ride there in March).

I like riding in cold but realy dry weather
with thick mist.

Like this:

How dry can it be if there’s a thick mist? But then again that’s the UK (where we spent 10 days after Unicon), maybe that counts as dry there… :smiley:

dry and cold is the best, you never overheat.

cool and dry. with some sunshine. i don’t mind riding in the shade during the day with a bit of a breeze if it’s a sunny day (rare in the uk). otherwise, at night under streetlights is normally quite nice, as long as it’s dry.

if it’s too cold, you have to wear more, and warm mitts/gloves can sometimes get annoying.

the wet is the most annoying thing about weather at any time though, especially when i’m running my plastics.

you can have a dry fog like the picture above suggests, although i like that occasionally as just really cool weather to be in. i wouldn’t like it like that all the time, and i wouldn’t call it optimal riding weather. would be kind of cool for muni though.

When it’s cold and dry your fingers freeze if you try to hold the saddle handle.

You people who live where there isn’t winter are crazy…