Favorite Flip Trick?


fifth flip

  1. The no-flip.

  2. The crankflip, just cause it was the first and I don’t know the names of any of the other ones.

  1. nothing yet
  2. hickflip
  1. Dodecaflip.

  2. Tripleflip.

  1. sif backflips
  2. backflip sexchange.

Sex change backflip, what? Dude is anyone else doing those? I learned them awhile ago (really lame), does someone else know those? (Not sexchange fakieflips). hmm. What’s a dodcaflip? It won’t be called a seventh flip if I do it first. I’ll be vain and name it after me kinda. Sej flip. Sorry, I really want one for myself, and I figured I would make it really hard so if people hate the name, it won’t be like a lot of people know the trick, lol. I also have a trick in mind to name after Dan heaton (that one i’ll probably hit first).

-Shaun Johanneson

I think he said dodecaflip, dodeca meaning 10

inward flip
trey over sets
rev to flip to rev to hick

  1. Skate mount on a unicycle. Soon to try on my coker :thinking: :thinking:
  2. 540d unispin

tripple zero plant

favourite one i can do is the zero plant (soon to be zero plant uni spin)

Whoa now a zero plant uni spin would be something i wouldn’t mind seeing. :astonished:

im thinking abount how to do it but i havent tried yet unitill i can get zero plants on my 24 inch

  1. I cant flip

  2. Calflip

  1. 180 doublebackflip. Looks so nice, the cranks seem to just spring away.

  2. I need to think about it… Give me time.


  1. Treyflip

  2. Double sexchange

  1. Hickflip

  2. Fullvarialflip

  1. Treyflip in2in

  2. I so love the Varial Backflip of the flip vid.


  1. Trey Fakieflip

  2. X-up flip

  1. Varial
  2. double back