Favorite Flip Trick?

  1. That you can do?

  2. That you have seen?

  3. Varialflip

  4. Treyflip

-Shaun Johanneson

the 3 flipone

  1. 180 flip
  2. double sexchange
  1. The crankflip-dismount
  2. Sex change (it just looks so darn cool…)

the Steven-Flip

  1. Double

  2. Double sexchange

  1. Zeroplant
  2. Triple flip, shown by the master Shaun J. himself :roll_eyes:


180 flip
double sex c

Wow, sex change doubleflip seems very popular, which I must say I’m surprised at.

I need to think about this before I answer this…

I LOVE that trick. I just landed one the other day.

thats incredible! Especially considering you don’t even have a unicycle yet, according to your previous thread.

  1. Flip and fall
  2. Fifthflip
  1. crankflip jumpmount…

  2. crankflip from hopping on wheel to hopping on wheel

The most technically advanced one yet. :wink:

fifth flip done extremely clean or if somebody did a (seventh flip just thinking of a name for 720 spin and a flip)would be my favorite and the name goes along with fifth flip and a double trey would be amazing :sunglasses:

I don’t really like the look of fifthflips because you cant even see it flip.

  1. varial flip
  2. fakie lateflip

only down stairsets though… not flat

you cant see the cranks flip in just about any trick.

I think I’ll have to say that too. It’s a cool looking trick.

Either that or something like, back hickflip or back varial…Those are cool looking too.