Favorite 36" Road Tire

I didn’t weight either of the two tires that I had on hand (Nimbus Nightrider or the Wheel TA, however they seemed about the same weight. The last time I had the Wheel TA was with my airfoil rim and I remember having to use steel levers to remove the tire from the rim. The plastic levers broke due to the tire being so rigid. This time the tire went on effortlessly. Granted putting on a tire is way easier than taking one off. Hopefully this TA will last as long as the last one that I had. We’ll see! Granted $107 +$12 shipping isn’t that much more than what UDC charges for the Nightrider at $82. I just hope it is worth the extra cost and it last a long time. I’m curious as to why UDC isn’t carrying this tire anymore.

Never mind. Found answer via search.

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