Favorite 36" Road Tire

Currently, I have a Coker V2 with a TA tire. It’s been awhile since I have shopped for 36" road tires. What happened to the TA tire? UDC only lists the Nimbus Nightrider, Coker Non-Skid and the Coker Button. UDC doesn’t even list the Coker Ribbed. I’ve had really good luck with the TA and I really like it. Next week my new 36" Triton from mountainuni.com will arrive with a Nimbus Nightrider tire. However, I don’t know if I’m going to be happy with that tire because I have only ridden on the TA tire, which is super smooth. So, what are your thoughts? Anyone know where I can find a new TA tire?

the UK site has the TA radial tyre in stock

so depending on where you are and willingness to ship it you could get hold of it

but have you thought about the new ‘walt-works’ tyre refered to by some as ‘the Todd’
its primarily a mountain bike style knobblie tyre, but at higher pressures (its rated up to 65PSI it works well as a road tyre.
theyre new, but I think its fair to say its not likely to last as long as the TA.

I am very new to 36 unis and have briefly used a only night rider , and this new tyre. and I get on better this the wal works tyre.

so my frame of reference is narrow, but I think quiet a few seasoned veterans are using this tyre on and off road.

The Wheel TA tyre will last forever, and would be a great tyre were it not so heavy. I’d sell you mine but not worth the shipping cost to the US of A.

The Nightrider is an ok tyre, but still incredibly heavy. You can shave quite a few hundred grams from cutting off the knobs, but then the tyre because pretty awful particularly on cambers.

The only tire I’ve ridden is the Coker Non-skid. It is very well behaved on the pavement (not affected by road camber) and does well off road. Tread holds up well.

How does the TA stand up against the Coker Ribbed? Since it seems that I can’t find a TA in the U.S for sale, I might have to start looking at the Coker Ribbed. However, I might not be able to use either of these tires, as they might not fit my new rim. I’m not completely sure on this, but, the UDC in the UK, which sells the TA, states that it fits Cokers and Airfoil rims. Does this mean that it won’t fit other rims such as the Nimbus Stealth2? How about the Coker Ribbed, does this only fit Coker rims? I’m really looking for a strictly road tire that doesn’t have any knobs and that is fairly light. I wish some company would make a light road tire, like they do for bicycles. I might be stuck buying a knobby tire and cutting off the knobs…what a waste!

This should be a TA, though I’m not 100% sure. You could email them. Goudurix is in Canada, but will ship to the US for 12 bucks. Pretty good deal.


As far as I know, the TA tire was/is the only 36er road-specific tire currently in production. It’s also heavy as hell! Hopefully, someday we’ll see a new and much lighter road-only 36er tire. But don’t hold your breath.

Edit: The TA and other 36er tires are about 2.25 wide, which is far wider than necessary for a 42mm rim. You could run as narrow as a 1.75" wide 36er tire, and that alone would bring the weight down dramatically.

How does the TA tyre cope with road camber?

Not well at all! Imho

It’s the tyre on my (new) quax 36. I’ve had several issues learning to ride it, mainly cos it’s extremely heavy and I’m in a hilly area (though it’s not especially heavier than any 36er tyre in that price range).

However, I had zero issues with road camber.

Possibly that could be cos I’ve been riding unicycles on roads (mainly 26-29er) for 15 years and I think you just get the ability to compensate for camber issues with lots of experience.

The other big factor is tyre pressure- some tyres just work better with specific pressures.

My TA is at 40psi. (Might be worth mentioning that the info on the tyre specifies a max pressure of 32psi, but, I’ve had no problems with it at 40psi).

How does the TA tyre cope with road camber?

Hello Onewheeldave. An experienced unicyclist like yourself would most likely have developed a smoother riding style. I try to keep wheel oscillation to a minimum. I run 30+psi in the night shadow tyre.I think a softer tyre conforms better to camber and reduces oscillation. I agree with you about developing the ability to compensate for camber,it’s another aspect tobalance that we have to learn. Some of the cycle paths that I use,have serious camber issues.I’m wondering would the TA tyre be an improvement on the nightrider tyre,which I’m using at the moment. Maybe someone will come up with a bearing mounted,adjustable swivel saddle. That might be helpful.

When my TA was new, I noticed a lot issues with road camper. That could be for several reasons: I was new to unicycling, my tire pressure is set 32 lbs, and finally the tire being new. However, honestly I don’t know how much the “new” factor on the TA plays a role on road camper. I also agree that experience plays a significant role on how much road camper bothers the rider. Here is my disclaimer, I only have experience with the Wheel TA and the Coker Ribbed XLR, which appear, at least in my oppinion, to be almost identical.

They don’t even seem to have the tire on the Coker website, puzzling :thinking:

Yeah, I don’t get that. Did they stop manufacturing the XLR ribbed? Unicycle.com doesn’t list it either. I also don’t understand why UDC doesn’t offer the wheel TA. The only thing I can think of is that there isn’t enough demand for that particular tire.

That would be my guess.

I ordered my XLR right from coker. Had to call the Coker Tire Company and because no one answered the Coker Cycle phone. It seems like it is all the same person. It was the same price or cheaper as ordering from UDC but I had to do it over the phone. It’s too bad coker doesn’t keep anything up to date very well.

I checked again and this is how it was when I ordered mine. You CAN order a full coker with the XLR tire, but it isn’t listed under accessories. They don’t list every part for whatever reason. So they probably still have them if they come on the unis. I ordered mine a year ago but it seems to be the same situation.

You can try this number for Coker Cycles:
But I rememeber them never answering and then I just went to CokerTire.com and found this number:

Yep, you are right, this is a TA tire. I called Goudurix and the representative said that it was made by QU-AX. I told him that I was looking for the TA tire. He went to his stock room and got one off the shelf and sure enough it said Wheel TA on the side of the tire. Perfect! If you check that link again, you’ll see that he changed the title to TA Standard Tire. I know the TA is heavy, but it is still my favorite tire, at least until a lighter, strictly street tire comes out. Super expensive tire, though, $107 plus $12 for shipping. I hope to get a lot of mileage out of that tire. Goudurix shipped the tire that day and it was on my door step in San Diego, 4 days later. That’s fast for coming all the way from Montréal, Canada.

I put about 7 or 8,000 km on my Wheel TA. It is now on sabbatical while I ride my Todd tire(s). When I burn through them in a couple of years I can always go back to the TA for a few more thousand km. It lasts forever and ever and ever. Curious how it doesn’t seem as heavy as it did back in 2008. :wink:

I’d say that at $107 plus $12 you got a good deal.

I never had any problem with road camber for either the TA or the Todd even at a variety of pressures. Personally, I like the Todd better. It’s softer than the TA, roles well on pavement, and of course is much better off road.

Happy rolling.