FATTEST-tire uni available

Back from Los Angeles Roundup few days ago.
This is my impression. I saw couple freestylers doing some amazing stuff on uni w/ FAT tires! Very impressive.
Anyway, I (a Cokeur) am looking for my NEXT ‘possible’ uni…don’t tell my wife. She would kill me! :roll_eyes:
I thought of using one of those 24’ or 26’ for possible MUni and would be easier to do idle, wheel walking, and eventually gliding.

So fellow unicyclists, in YOUR option:
What is fattest-tire uni I can possibly get WITHOUT breaking my bank? Thanks!

Why do you want this fat tyre? If you want to do freestyle tricks, get a freestyle unicycle. A fat tyre will not aide your freestyle riding. I did freestyle on my trials unicycle w/Monty tyre until level 4. Getting a real freestyle unicycle made a huge difference. I doubt I would have passed levels 6 and 7 on my trials uni. Sure its possible to do freestyle with a trials or Muni tyre, but far from ideal. In my opinion wheel walking and gliding are much easier to learn on a standard freestyle unicycle, rather than on a 24" or 26" muni.

But if he wants it for muni…

Id say get a cheap uni like a 20" torker LX for freestyle, and a nimbus 24X3 for muni.

Or if you just want ONE, get a torker DX for cheap and get a wider tire or somthing.

And you COULD get fatter tires, but the regular trials or 3" muni tires are much more worth it.

If you want the fattest ridable tire, make a wheel out of the rear rim and tire of a dirtbike.

The fattest available tyre at the moment (or at least in the very near future) is the 26x3.7" Surly Endomorph. Its designed for sand, snow, soft mud & other similar terrains. However, you have to have a custom frame made to fit it, and use the Surly Large-Marge 26" rim. The wheel I’ve made up with this rim currently has the second biggest tyre on it, a 26x3" Nokian Gazzaloddi. Pics Here

I planned on having a 3.7" uni a while ago, and began sourcing parts for it 2 months or so ago. I ordered a frame off GB4 just before George stopped making frames, so I don’t know if mine will be the only 3.7" compatible frame available, or if others will come in & start widening frames to accommodate it. If you want a 3.7" compatible uni, expect it to cost £300-400 (about $550-$700) plus.

The 3" Tyres on the other hand are pretty well supported by most frame manufacturers, and going for a Hunter or similar will serve you well. It’ll be excellent as a Muni & medium distance commuter, especially in 26" since the external rolling diameter is larger than a 28" road uni.

Consider your choice very carefully however! I’ve been waiting months for my uni, and now the last piece (the frame) is only a short period of time away (I don’t know if its shipped or not yet!), I’m like a kid on christmas eve, not knowing if its going to be christmas tomorrow or just another christmas eve again! Patience is a virtue, and I am getting exactly what I’ve always wanted in a unicycle.



chopper uni1.jpg

I’m also building a 26x3.7 setup. I purchased a GB4 frame from George, who gave me lots of patient buyer assistance, thanks George!
If you ever want a custom frame, GB4 is great!

Everything is here as of today’s mail… except I forgot to get a 25.4 mm seatpost and clamp! ARGH!

Of course, the Endomorph hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll purchase that as soon as it’s available. Anyway, I’ll put up pix once I have some.

Since there’s so much snow here in the north of Sweden, I’m looking forward to using this monster to follow snowmobiles in the winter!

Thats your chopper in front of my garage, have you taken any pics since you goten the chopper??

Not yet, my wife was away for a week with my camera. I’ll have some in my gallery soon, along with pics of my new Rowing Muni.

3.7 is pretty wide, does it go any wider?

pdc, and how much of this uni trading/buying does your wife no about :hehe:



Did someone say FATTEST?


The Goiter

Surly stuff

Endomorph 3.7 tires are ready to ship. 60tpi (1260 grams) and 30tpi (1350 grams) casings will be offered. We’re just waiting for the 26 x 3.0 - 4.0 Presta tubes to be packaged. Everything should ship in a week or two. ETA is late July/early August.


Dude, you can’t post something like that w/o an explanation. I wonder if that can even be ridden?

Of course it can be ridden. Here it is (see attached pic)

I found that pic in a forum post a while ago and saved it. I didn’t save a link to the post and now I can’t find the original post. I’m not sure who is in the picture or where it’s from.

So Mr. Grant, who is that and where is that uni from?

roll a fatty

nice ride !!!

yeah I like to here more of the big fattie–does look ridable

Re: roll a fatty

But not turnable.

Sorry but I have no idea.

The picture arrived, without any comment, in my email inbox - forwarded by one brother-in-law from another brother-in-law.


Bummer. I’ll have to keep wondering who that is riding the car tire uni. At least now I have two pictures of it.