Fattest tire for 24" torker-lx

I picked up a torker-lx for $45 bucks last week. I love this machine. The forks are pretty wide, but I don’t know how accurate the measurements are for various tires. I think* the inner width of the fork is greater than 2.5" but I don’t have my notes in front of me at the moment. The original tire is a 24" X 1.75", but this is actually wider than the 24" x 1.75" orignial tire on a torker-cx.

Does anybody have a wide tire on a torker-lx that they would recommend?

Mostly I’ve been riding concrete and asphalt, but eventually I want to muni. All feedback is appreciated.


the one that it comes with otherwise its not an lx

if your gonna muni you should get a new uni or at least a new wheelset and frame u probly want a new saddle too. as somebody on the forums said lx saddles are like bricks in disguise

No, CX seats are bricks in disguise. I would know. I once rode 3 miles on “the brick”.

I actualy enjoy the LX saddle as do many others. But I would agree that the LX is not a good uni to be putting a fat tire onto. I would suggest going to your local sports store and picking up a tire from them, they will probably have a 2.3 or 2.1 inch tire that would be a good cross country tire for the lx, which is the most extreme muni you should be doing on it.

What I’ve found so far!

Over the weekend I hunted for 24" tires. A couple bike shops (Bicycle Village, Performance) didn’t have much selection for 24" tires. They were really cheap “mountain bike” type thread, that I just didn’t like and the max width that I found was labeled as 1.75, same as the label on the Kenda tire that came on the uni. I also looked in Target and K-mart, they carried the same cheap 24" tires.

Then I found a nice Specialized Holy Roller 24" X 2.1 tire at Turin Bicycle in Denver for $20. I thought this would be a nice upgrade. The tread pattern would be suitable for hard pack mountain bike usage. It has many smallish knobs as opposed to few large knobs.

Just to be scientific about it. I decided to measure the actual width and height of both tires while mounted on the unicycle rim and inflated to 33 psi. I simply used 33 psi, because that is what the Kenda was already inflated at. The height measure meant is from the inside of the rim between the spokes to the top of the tire. Of course this measurement will vary depending on the type of rim, but since I’m using the same rim, its accurate for my purpose.

Tire Label: Kenda 24" X 1.75
Description: Mostly smooth with small “street” treads and a solid center ridge.
Actual width @ 33psi: 1.71"
Actual hight @ 33psi: 2.1"

Tire Label: Specialized Holy Roller 24" X 2.1
Description: Small knobby mountain bike style tire.
Actual width (on tire casing, not including the knobbies)@ 33psi: 1.72"
Actual width (including knobbies) @ 33psi: 1.82"
Actual hight (on tire casing, not including the knobbies)@ 33psi: 2.1"
Actual hight (including knobbies) @ 33psi: 2.2"

So, as you can see, the label on the tire is a ball park figure at best. I’m out $20, but if nothing else, the new tire looks cooler.

By the way, the LX seat is way better than the CX seat. I don’t think the CIA would even subject prisoners to the CX seat, its that cruel.:slight_smile:

And of course someday I’ll get a proper municycle, but for right now I have what I have and I know a wider tire will protect the stock rim better than a skinny tire, so I’m going the cheap route first.


I had a Torker LX: a set of BMX pedals and a “fatter” tire go a long way (I put a 1.95x24 Bontrager on mine). The biggest issue I had wasn’t with protecting the rim, well the issues are connected, but getting bounced off a lot because the thinner tire dosen’t dampen the trail as much --And of course it can’t do anything serious-- still, I think you get what you need for the money with the LX and a few upgrades. A new seat isn’t a bad idea either…

… I still use the LX wheelset for city terrain, but after taking it out on a real trail with others, side-by-side the 3" muni tires, the disadvantages become more than apparent.

I fit a 2.3 maxxis max daddy on my lx.

2.3 maxxis

That is exactly the type of tire that I would like to get.

Do you know what the actual height and width measurements are when its installed on your rim?

And how much did you pay for this tire and where did you get it?

And for the final question, how much pressure do you run?

Thanks in advance for the info.


I don’t know the measurements, I got the tire for 17 $ at maxxis.com and I run it at 20-30 pounds of pressure

Uh huh. the cranks bend off of 3 sets! :roll_eyes: (Just ask my brother!)

The twin rail tire is a great urban tire. it tracks very well. The hookworm would work too.